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Last updated: 28 Oct 2014

Please note: I don't respond to friend requests or sharing requests from social web sites. I don't have time, and I don't like the ways those sites behave. Anyone who wants to interact with me can easily do so by email without going via an information-suction engine. All my papers and presentations are freely available online via the links below, without the need to register or sign in to anything. I joined Academia as an experiment. Occasionally I find it useful for accessing papers by people who don't have their own web sites. For that, I unfortunately need an account. Mostly I ignore it.

If you don't find what you are looking for immediately below, it may be in the "Previously sent" list below.
Item requested on Fri 24 Oct 2014:
A copy of your talk "Supervenience and Causation in Virtual Machinery."
(Requested by M.B.)
This is included in my online collection of PDF presentations here:
It is also available in flash format on here:

If you need to communicate with me it is MUCH better to do so directly via my email address (above), if you can, than via academia, since Academia will not let me reply directly to you. It seems to want to have access to all communication between its members.

Previously sent items listed at end of this document.

The problem:
From time to time Academia writes to me about one of my online papers or presentations, already freely available at my departmental web site, with a request of this form:
X has requested a copy of your talk/paper Y.

If you would like to upload a copy for X and all other users to see, click the link below...

But it never gives me an email address so that I can answer X directly by sending a link to X.

This seems to be a very nasty attempt to force me to upload my papers to Academia, which I refuse to do because they are already freely available in one place, and if I produce updates (as I sometimes do) I want to have only one location for each update.


From now on, each time I get such a request I'll add a link to Y to the top of this file, move the previous top link to the list below, then send a copy of this web page, with a new name, to academia in answer to the request.

In that case I'll provide what the academia member really wants, and leave the information visible for anyone else who wants to find my paper on academia.

I have also provided information below about the locations where other papers can be found.

Academia will not accept papers in html format, so I've had to convert html to pdf for submission. Very annoying.

Links to other papers, presentations, etc.
A partial index of online papers, discussion notes and talks is in

The Cognition and Affect Project papers, along with other publications before and since can be found here:

A collection of presentations, mostly in PDF format, some also copied to where they are available in flash format, is here:

Some online videos are available here

Previously sent items:

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