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Installed: 27 Dec 2006
Last updated: 6 Feb 2012
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I have just discovered (December 2006) a BBC report on Academics for Academic Freedom (AFAF) whose web site is

Go there and sign the statement. (If it still exists.)

'We, the undersigned, believe the following two principles to be the foundation of academic freedom:

(1) that academics, both inside and outside the classroom, have unrestricted liberty to question and test received wisdom and to put forward controversial and unpopular opinions, whether or not these are deemed offensive, and

(2) that academic institutions have no right to curb the exercise of this freedom by members of their staff, or to use it as grounds for disciplinary action or dismissal.'

I am assuming that this is not intended to endorse gratuitous, spiteful, or personal offensiveness and refers to opinions, theories, recommendations, evidence, arguments that are put forward for reasons other than that they offend someone.

I have some web pages produced in the same spirit, e.g.: Academics should help to expose the fallacies behind all the politicians' claims about identity cards. If not even the banks, who have large fortunes to lose and who have many years of experience in dealing with IT systems can keep out fraudsters and hackers, how on earth can politicians fall for the promises of IT companies who offer to build a hacker-proof national ID system, or national NHS IT system? Is it that the politicians are just stupid? Or do they know that their claims are false, yet continue to make them because they have their own motivations for going ahead which they dare not make public?
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