In Memoriam
Barry Cooper

Aaron Sloman
School of Computer Science,
University of Birmingham

This document is part of the Meta-Morphogenesis project, which resulted from an invitation from Barry Cooper.

The project began towards the end of 2011, triggered by an invitation to contribute to a volume celebrating the centenary of Alan Turing's birth:

Alan Turing: His Work and Impact, Editors: S. Barry Cooper, J. van Leeuwen. More detailed information on the book is available here.

The M-M project was my conjectured answer to the question "What would Turing have done in the next few decades if he had not died two years after his morphogenesis paper was published?"

The paper proposing the project is included in the above volume, starting on page 849: "Meta-Morphogenesis: Evolution of Information-Processing Machinery".

That paper was followed up with a growing collection of papers on this web site:
(My three earlier contributions in that volume are also relevant.)

For a more detailed tribute see The background section of the M-M project overview.

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