Index of Fedora Packages
kindly provided by Matthias Hensler,
to help linux users who are having trouble with
laptops that have Intel HDMI graphic cards,
as described here.

[ICO]NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

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[   ]kernel-tuxonice- 14:18 20M 
[   ]kernel-tuxonice- 14:42 65M 

[   ]kernel-tuxonice-PAE- 14:52 20M 
[   ]kernel-tuxonice-PAE-devel- 14:54 6.4M 

[   ]kernel-tuxonice-devel- 14:44 6.4M 
[   ]kernel-tuxonice-firmware- 14:44 937K 

This archive will be removed once there are Fedora releases that work properly in laptops such as Dell Latitude E6410 with Intel graphic card.

Installed here by Aaron Sloman
20 Jan 2011