NB Please note:
The information below is offered in an attempt to be helpful. There is no guarantee that the instructions will apply in your case. I have merely reported what seems to work for us (until the watch next goes wrong).

You use these instructions at your own risk.
If in doubt compare these instructions with the instructions provided with your watch.
But beware of the error found in our printed instructions mentioned below.

Casio WV-58U-1AVEF WaveCeptor
Mens Resin strap Digital Watch

Faults and instructions

Our experience is with the first of these two models, but it seems from Amazon reviews that exactly the same faults are experienced by a significant subset of purchasors of the second model, with metal strap.


Like many of the Amazon customers who have written reviews of this watch my wife has tried two of them and had serious problems: after working perfectly for about two years, each watch started re-setting the time and date to January 2005.

Another problem is the inadequacy of the instructions -- minute and barely readable, but even worse: there's a missing step, explained below. This can lead to time-wasting mistakes when setting the casio watch.

So beware of these watches, unless you are willing to take risks with your money, and spend time re-setting after faults.

To help those whose watches need re-setting, I've given instructions below for setting time and various other features (but not all) and for turning radio mode on or off -- with the missing instruction added (and indicated).

For a while after the fault appeared, the watch worked well enough with radio reception turned off, as an ordinary non-radio-controlled digital watch.

But after being used in non-radio mode for some time (a few months I think) it started re-setting to 2005 every now and again.

After the first one did that we bought a new one, hoping we were simply unlucky with a faulty specimen.

Like the first one, the new watch worked fine until some time after the guarantee period then also started re-setting itself. Again, turning off the radio controlled mode only partially fixed this problem.

So my wife keeps both watches handy, and when one goes back to 2005, switches to the other, and then when she has time re-sets the errant one to current time.

We shall shortly attempt to find a radio controlled watch with an equally good watch face but greater reliability.

NOTE: the instructions refer to buttons A, B, C, D, in this layout.

       A    B

       C    D

Hold A down until City code flashes (bottom left).
If city is not London (Lon) use button B or D (both on right)
to cycle through city codes. B moves west, D moves East.

Madrid (MAD) is east of London so press B,
Lisbon (LIS) is west of London, so press D.

When LON is set (flashing), you can then cycle through the following operations, setting states using button C, and using buttons B and D to alter each state. (B and D make changes in opposite directions.)

When you get back to City (LON flashing) press A to exit to normal mode:

So: hold A (top left) for a while to get city flashing then cycle through these modes by pressing button C (bottom left)

    City -> DST (on off auto) -> 12/24hr format -> Seconds -> Hour
    -> Mins -> Year -> Month -> Day
    -> Language (EN) -> Toggle Month/Day|Day/Month format
    -> City (Exit by pressing A)
In each of those setting modes:
    Use D to cycle between two or three options (e.g. 3 options for DST
    and two options for 12/24, or M/D, D/M format).

    For setting seconds use D to set to 00

    When there's number to set (year, month, day, etc.)
    Use D for +1, B for -1.

    [The year shows as two flashing digits bottom left in year setting
    state. Set to 14 in 2014]

When a state is set as desired press C to go to next setting mode.

When you get back to City, press A to exit setting mode.

You can also press A to exit to normal mode at an earlier state.
E.g. if you just want to toggle 12/24 hour format press A after setting the mode.

In standard timekeeping mode

    press D, displays last signal screen if any, or else:
     - - - -
    with (GET) showing at bottom left.

    Hold A down until receiving indicator and current
    auto receive setting (ON or OFF) start to flash.
    (This is the auto/manual setting screen.)

    Press D to toggle auto receive ON and OFF.

    Leave in OFF mode to turn of radio control.

    Press A then D to exit setting screen
[The printed instructions leave out the last 'D' bit wasting a LOT of my time!]

In normal mode, pressing C cycles you through these modes:

    World Time Mode (Don't press D or you'll have to use it to
        cycle all the way round the world, back to Lon.
        B doesn't go back in this mode)

    Countdown Timer Mode (shows TMR)

    Stopwatch Mode (shows STW)
        The stopwatch lets you measure elapsed time, split times,
        and two finishes.

    Alarm Mode (shows ALM)

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