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Why I hate using Microsoft Windows
Aaron Sloman
School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham

Last updated:
15 Jul 2010; 26 Jan 2013; 14 Nov 2014; June 2015; July 2015
Installed:14 Jun 2010

My work is all done on linux, but I sometimes use windows
(e.g. helping my wife, who has to use it) ... and I hate it.
This file lists the main reasons why I hate it.
(It was previously part of my home page.)

ADDED 17 Jul 2015: Matt Fuller's rant "Why Windows Causes Stupidity"

ADDED 14 Jun 2015: Windows Backup stupidity

ADDED 14 Nov 2014: Suspend stupidity

ADDED 26 Jan 2013: File Associations Screwed Up

ADDED 15 Jul 2010: Restrictive selling practices

A few more things that Unix got right by about 1975 and DOS and Windows failed to use, causing quite unnecessary mal-designs and years of confusion: I could go on, and on, .... How is it that windows developers have learnt so little about the ways of satisfying different user preferences and needs that unix and linux users have enjoyed for many years?

Is it ignorance, arrogance, bad management, sheer stupidity, lack of imagination, ..?

Or is the design of windows so non-modular that they cannot accommodate these features.

For some hunches about what Microsoft may be doing see the last section of this file.

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