CAST: The CoSy Architecture Schema Toolkit

As part of the CoSy project we developed a software toolkit to support the developments of intelligent systems based on a space of possible architecture designs. We have developed the CoSy Architecture Schema (CAS) to describe this space of designs. The CoSy Architecture Schema Toolkit (CAST) is a software implementation of this schema designed to allow researchers (primarily in the fields of AI and robotics) to develop instantiations of the schema. The toolkit supports C++ and Java on Linux and OSX, and provides a communication framework for distributing an instantiation across a network. It's primary scientific purpose is to maintain a separation between a system's architecture and the content of it's architecture, allowing one to be varied independently of the other.

As of 2009, CAST has been upgraded to use Ice instead of CORBA. This has resulted in a 2.0 release which is incompatible with the previous 1.* releases. All future development will be on the Ice-based release, although support will still be given for previous versions.


The latest release of CAST can always be downloaded from SourceForge. Once you have download the package, please follow the installation instructions.


The development of CAST was originally supported by the EU FP6 IST Cognitive Systems Integrated Project ``CoSy'' FP6-004250-IP, and is continuing live under it's follow-up project, CogX. The following researchers have contributed to the development of the software:

If you have any questions about CAST please contact Nick Hawes.

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Last updated: 02/07/07