CAST Manual



In essence CAST is a software framework for developing integrated systems from a collection of heterogenous components. The feature that distinguishes CAST from most other component-based frameworks is that it is designed to support component communication via shared working memories (WMs), rather than via direct/client server communication (or any other software architecture style). For simiplicity you can treat a working memory as a hashtable that maps string ids to objects of various types. Each component in a CAST system is connected directly to one working memory, then all working memories are interconnected, allowing each component to access any object in the system via it's own WM. A collection of components connected to the same working memory is called a subarchitecture (SA), and a full system (or architecture) is made up of one or more subarchitectures.


This is the documentation for the CoSy Architecture Schema Toolkit.

For code documentation (incompleteness guaranteed!), see the API.



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