The booklet will be revised after the tutorial.
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Organised by The EU FP6 CoSy Project

Saturday 30th July and Sunday 31st July, 2005

PDF files were made available for the printed tutorial booklet on 22nd June. They are in the booklet given to participants at the tutorial, which is now out of date!
Some of the files below were updated after the booklet was printed. Further changes will be made after the tutorial, and will be announced in the NEWS section below, and on the "After Tutorial" web page.
NOTE: Some of the files are in portrait format, some in landscape format (derived from slide presentations, presented here 4 slides to a page). A composite PDF file is referenced at the end.


7 Sep 2005 Composite booklet revised to include the new submissions. Table of contents updated.

24 Aug 2005 Ales Leonardis' tutorial presentation now online:
"Problems of Representation and Learning in Machine Vision." (8464879 Bytes)

8 Aug 2005 Jackie Chappell's tutorial presentation is now available:
How do animals gather useful information about their environment and act on it?

(Not yet included in large booklet).

NOTE (28 Jul 2005): The PDF files were updated to include Jackie Chappell's abstract.

NOTE (26 Jul 2005):
The PDF version of the first section of the booklet was modified to reflect the change in the programme: Day 1 Session 4 now includes two short presentations, one by Jackie Chappell and one by Ales Leonardis, because Leslie Kaelbling cannot attend. The PDF version of the whole (composite) booklet, below, has also been rebuilt.

It is hoped that additional comments, criticisms, suggestions relating to topics of the tutorial, including criticisms or discussions of these documents, will be added to this web site later. Anyone who would like to submit comments to be added to this site should write to A.Sloman AT For further details see the "After Tutorial" web page.

Booklet Contents (23 Jun 2005)

Composite PDF file

The whole collection (minus the booklet cover page) is also available as a single PDF file, created using pdftk, yet another example of an excellent free, open source, tool for linux-users. The (very large) composite file is here (about 56 MBytes).
Note that it is a mixture of sections in portrait mode and sections in landscape mode. Printers appear to cope with this by rotating the landscape pages, though the results of two-sided printing may or may not please you.

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