CoSy project

CoSy meeting of minds in action: natural and artificial
Paris 16-18 SEPT 2007


The FP6 EU-funded CoSy Robotic project organised
a 3 day workshop at the University of Paris in September 2007, which
aimed to bring together members of the CoSy Project team and some
leading researchers in biology, neuroscience and psychology, in
order to discuss topics of mutual interest concerning natural and
artificial cognition.

A few talks and posters were presented by members of the CoSy
project, but most of the talks were presented by external invited
speakers. Two members of the CoSy scientific advisory board were
able to attend and introduced a discussion on the last day.

Speakers had expertise ranging widely over intelligence in insects,
primates, very young children and older human children.

Copies of most of the the presentations, along with additional
notes, discussion papers, and references to web sites of the
speakers and related work. have been installed here:

Latest contributions to the web site (HTML+PDF etc.)
Presentation Slides, and other information.

Schedule for the workshop (HTML)

Abstracts for the talks (HTML)

Posters presented (HTML)

    A poster session was held in conjunction with a buffet dinner, to
    enable the invited speakers to learn more about the work of the
    project and meet the members of the CoSy team.

Invitation letter

The letter of invitation to the external speakers stated:
The purpose of the workshop is to bring together a group of
established researchers in Human Psychology and Animal Behavior (see
list below) so that they can exchange advice and inspiration with us:
we are a small group of workers from seven very influential artificial
intelligence and robotics laboratories brought together by a european
initiative called CoSy - Cognitive Systems for cognitive assistants

The main goal of the CoSy project is to "advance the science of
cognitive systems through a multi-disciplinary investigation of
requirements, design options and trade-offs for human-like,
autonomous, integrated, physical (eg., robot) systems, including
requirements for architectures, for forms of representation, for
perceptual mechanisms, for learning, planning, reasoning and
motivation, for action and communication."

Over the past two years we have been working on two robotic scenarios.
The Explorer is concerned with finding its way around a complex
building, showing others where to go and answering questions about
routes and locations. The PlayMate is concerned with manipulation of
structured objects on a table top.

A problem in building these robots has been in deciding where to draw
the nature/nurture boundary, between what is designed-in and what
arises through learning and development. Another question is to decide
upon which different representations are needed for the robot's
different sub-capabilities. Another is the requirement for the robot
to have multiple ontologies which are used as appropriate for
different activities.

We would be very interested in exchanging views on these or related
topics with workers like you, who have expertise in biological
systems. Many of the members of the consortium stem from a classical
Artificial Intelligence background, and this has been the approach we
have been using. Of particular interest to us are therefore examples
from empirical studies showing how biological organisms have
capacities or solve problems in ways that might not occur to an

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Local Organisers

Kevin O'Regan and Jacqueline Fagard

Remote helper: Aaron Sloman

On behalf of The CoSy project

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