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PARIS 15-18 SEPT 2007
Videos referred to in Aaron Sloman's slides and in some other we pages.

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The videos show different levels of competence and in some cases
surprising incompetence, which was later overcome, though I don't
think anyone knows how. There are some conjectures in the slides.

  1. Noticing and grasping edge of rug
    Noticing the edge of the rug seems to trigger a very deliberate and controlled, but inexpert, attempt to grasp the edge, with clear success eventually, after rolling over onto his side.
    About 6 months

  2. Playing piano and piano parts
    No sound in this video but it is clear that he alternates between fairly random thumping and controlled exploration of effects of pressing individual notes.
    About 9 months

  3. Feeding brain and stomach with yogurt
    Seems to do a number of experiments of different kinds with spoon and yogurt, including at least two failed attempts to transfer yogurt to a flat surface, on carpet and on his thigh.
    Ends with successful complex process transferring end of spoon from right hand to left hand.
    (Well beyond the capabilities of any robot I know about.)
    About 10 months

  4. Playing piano and piano parts (with sound) (Small MPG version 4.2MB)
    Playing piano and piano parts (with sound) (larger WEBM version 21MB)
    A sequence of experiments concerned with piano keys, music holder, balancing on chair.
    Ends just as he seems to be discovering a repeatable musical theme, or possiblity a motor theme for his fingers?
    About 11 months

  5. Exploring materials: cloth (sweater) and mouse cable
    (Doesn't quite strangle himself.)
    About 11 months

  6. Pushing a broom
    A just about stable (well, upright anyway) dynamical system driven by an opportunistic cognitive explorer?
    About 15 months

  7. Failing to understand hook-and-eye mechanism
    despite an evident collection of motor, perceptual, and cognitive skills.
    Achieves all his goals apart from joining two train components.
    About 18 months

  8. Betty the New Caledonian crow
    not only uses hooks but makes them, without being taught how
    (From the Oxford Zoology Department Web site)
    Betty made headlines world-wide in June 2002. Give to google:
        betty crow hook

    For further discussion of the issues raised by these videos see:
    My slides for the workshop and the post-workshop notes on model-based semantics

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