eDrama project

eDrama systems aim to use electronic computer systems or the Internet to simulate drama, such as improvisation or role-play, between several human users. The anonymity afforded by eDrama, caused by the lack of physical presence and the associated peer pressure can unleash people's previously unknown creative and improvisational depths.

We will explore ways in which eDrama systems can be developed into yet more powerful and flexible tools for training, education and creative reasoning.

  • We will investigate ways in which advanced research from other computational fields - notably Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, and Distributed Simulation - can be utilised in eDrama systems. For example, the creation of automated characters who are not controlled by human users, and the detection of discourse phenomena that should trigger a directorial intervention.
  • We will investigate more advanced avatar animation technologies. 
  • We will use eDrama as a platform on which to conduct basic research topics such as dialogue, special types of language (e.g. emotional language) and related aspects of AI. 
  • We will investigate techniques facilitating eDrama use by large numbers of users in diverse environments - e.g. at home, school, work, or in public places.

For further information and backgroud of the project, please read the project abstract and detailed proposal