LeakWatch is a command-line tool and Java API for estimating information leakage from Java programs.

The information leakage model underpinning LeakWatch is CH-IMP. CH-IMP computes information leakage from algorithms of low to moderate complexity, whereas LeakWatch is a tool that approximates CH-IMP's leakage model for larger bodies of real-world Java software.

LeakWatch is freely available, and can be downloaded from the download page. Integrating LeakWatch into your existing codebase is quick and easy: see the getting started page of the user guide.


The authors of the underlying theory and implementation of LeakWatch are:

Bug reports, feature requests and suggestions should be sent to the maintainer, Chris Novakovic.


LeakWatch is described in the paper LeakWatch: Estimating Information Leakage from Java Programs (ESORICS 2014).

For a list of related publications and other documents by the authors, see the information leakage publications page.


Work by Yusuke Kawamoto was partially supported by a postdoc grant funded by the IDEX Digital Society project in France.