Compiling From Source

Although the download page includes a precompiled Java archive for your convenience, you may also create your own Java archive from the LeakWatch source code, which is also available on the download page.

To compile LeakWatch from source, you will need to install the following prerequisites:

  • Java Development Kit (JDK) — version 7 or higher
  • The basic Unix command-line utilities — rm, grep, etc:
    • For Windows: download and install the GNU Core Utilities from MinGW
    • For Linux: the GNU Core Utilities are already part of most distributions
    • For OS X: the OS X core utilities are part of the default installation
  • A Make utility:
    • For Windows: download and install GNU Make from MinGW
    • For Linux: install GNU Make (or equivalent) through your package manager
    • For OS X: download and install Xcode

After downloading the source tarball, unpack it, change into the unpacked directory, and run make to compile the source code:

$ tar xf leakwatch-0.5.tar.bz2
$ cd leakwatch-0.5/
$ make dist

This will output a Java archive, leakwatch-0.5.jar, that can be executed in the same manner as the precompiled Java archive on the download page:

$ java -jar leakwatch-0.5.jar

The getting started page of the user guide describes how to use this Java archive.