Waldek Hebisch's Poplog page at Birmingham

At the moment this page is about Poplog on Hewlett-Packard machines. I got Poplog running on HP 712 with HP-UX 9.05. Note that I have unbundled HP C compiler on the machine and I skipped X support. If you want to try it you need one of: If you chose third option just unpack the tree in right place (the content of the tarball will appear in v15.53 directory).
If you choose first or second option you also need the Poplog source tree. I used older version but AFAIKS the current source tree contains all that is needed.

From the source tree you need src/master/S.hp9000_700 subdirectory. Move (rename) this subdirectory to $poplogroot/v15.53/pop. If you choose second option just unpack the tarball on top of v15.53 direstory.

The first option require rebuilding the system. First move corepop binary to $poplogroot/v15.53/pop/pop/corepop. Hard link it to $poplogroot/v15.53/pop/pop/corepop11 (I have not checked if it necessary, but I did this). Then from $poplogroot run the build_pop script. The final step (indexing documentation should fail) but the system should work.

How this binary was build

I started from working system on i386 Linux and the sources in S.hp9000_700 directory. I modified the sources to call as assembler and linker shell scripts in the current directory. diff The assember script copied assember files to a separate directory. The linker script just prints the command line.

First I created popc and poplink saved images from modified sources. Using new popc I compiled src direstory to w files and assembler files. Using new poplink I got few more assembler files and the link command.

Then I transferred the assembler files to HP machine, assembled them made libpop.a and finally linked everything obtaining HP corepop.

NOTE: this page and the files referred to in it (apart from the poplog source tree) were copied from http://www.math.uni.wroc.pl/~hebisch/poplog/ by Aaron Sloman on 16 Nov 2003, and addedd to the Free Poplog directory.