Short History of the Clementine Data-Mining System

The Clementine data-mining system, implemented by ISL on Poplog, mainly using Pop-11
and its X Window graphical interface, achieved very wide sales and usage during the

Most users insisted on a version for PC+Windows rather than the Unix/Solaris/VMS
versions, so ISL Ported Unix Poplog to MSWindows with the Unix graphical facilities
provided by an additional commercial product, NutCracker (now called MKS-Toolkit).

The V15.53 poplog package for windows available in

includes all the sources and I believe also the "stubs" that were used in Clementine
to link to NutCracker facilities.

Because Clementine was so successful, ISL was bought by data-mining company SPSS
( in 1998 in order to obtain Clementine and
the staff who were expert at developing, maintaining, and supporting it.

However, in order to ensure maximum compatibility with their other products SPSS
spent several years porting Clementine to C++ and Java (though apparently with some
loss of functionality provided by the use of an AI language in the original version).

Clementine was re-named the PASW Modeler (Predictive Analytics
SoftWare) by SPSS

News report on takeover
    SPSS Acquires Integral Solutions Ltd
    Business Wire, Jan 4, 1999

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