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Linux Poplog Version V15.53 (Jan 15 2005) is now out of date

The last version of Linux Poplog V15.53 is
(Approx 19 Mbytes. This is now superseded. See the latest version.)
The above version 15.53 file contains everything listed in the linux-cd directory below. It was originally prepared for a CD for students and others wanting to duplicate the Birmingham Poplog setup.
Instructions for installing V15.53 are in these (now superseded) files included in the tar file and downloadable from here:
Normally this guide provides sufficient information for an easy automated installation of V15.53. The package includes two scripts which will install and link everything, one with and one without motif. It also sets up a sub-directory with commands to test the installation. (Tested on various versions of RedHat linux.)
Additional information
This provides more detailed information.
Intended for people who wish to select and download individual files instead of the full 19 Mbyte package.

(Note that if the installation scripts provided in the tar packages do not work, you may have to do a more comprehensive rebuild, and for that purpose this shell script can be used, as a last resort: Since 2003, Linux PC versions of poplog have included linking and installation scripts in the INSTALL subdirectory of the $usepop directory.

  • Core PC linux Poplog System Version15.53 (SUPERSEDED)
    Version 15.53 has been superseded. See the latest version.
    This is a symbolic link to the latest version of the core version 15.53 linux-pc poplog version package. E.g. it could be a link to linux-pc-1553f. (Now superseded).
    It is a compact package (about 9.8 Mbytes) without saved images. Installation scripts are included in the INSTALL sub-directory for building poplog either with or without motif and then creating the saved images required by users.
    For most people it is better to get the latest "recommended" package mentioned above.

  • Minimal 'complete' Version 15.53 PC linux system (SUPERSEDED)
    (Now superseded. See the latest version.) (version 15.53)
    (about 12.4 Mbytes) This includes the above Core PC linux poplog tar file, along with some additional utilities that are constantly in use in Birmingham, including graphical and other facilities, with appropriate installation scripts. It includes the bham.tar.gz file mentioned below.

    This, in turn is included, with an even more comprehensive range of extensions to the Core poplog, in the above "Recommended" package for PC Linux poplog.

  • The linux-cd directory (Superseded).
    (Now superseded. See the latest version.)
    This has a number of files for downloading to recreate the poplog environment used for teaching and research at Birmingham. One of the gzipped tar files described above as the "Minimal complete system" is included. This provides the Core version of linux poplog, combined with additional poplog facilities for AI teaching and research developed at Birmingham, Sussex and elsewhere, including the contents of the bham.tar.gz file mentioned below, making a total package.
    There are also separate links to several recommended optional extensions such as the popvision library, the SimAgent toolkit, the simworld package based on that, and a tutorial "Braitenberg" vehicles package using SimAgent.
    The linux-cd directory includes instructions in the file

    The linux-cd directory also includes an OpenMotif rpm file, in case you don't have it. There are also additional Pop-11 GUI tools (RCLIB), an agent toolkit (Sim_agent), the Sussex popvision library, a package to enable Emacs users to use Poplog, the html version of the pop-11 primer, and other things. They are available as separate downloads from the linux-cd directory. These are all described more fully below.

    For Birmingham staff and students the contents of this directory are included on a CD available from the School of Computer Science Library. A tar file containing all of the contents of the linux-cd directory is available in the "Recommended" package

    The popextras package below allows the same collection of extra facilities to be added to a previously installed poplog system, e.g. for solaris poplog users who wish to replicate the Birmingham poplog environment.

    NB: This is already included in the latest Poplog package for linux on PC.

    (All of this is in the latest linux poplog package.)
    This tar file is available if you already have an old version of poplog running and for some reason cannot upgrade to the latest linux poplog. It can be fetched in the popextras.tar file. (Just over 8Mbytes initially, but likely to grow as new offerings are provided by users elsewhere.)
    The popextras.tar file contains some installation scripts, a README file and most of the optional "add-ons" mentioned above, i.e:

    More Superseded packages

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