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Spartns: a SPARse TeNSor representation library
For Common Lisp
By Jeronimo Pellegrini

This package is available here
Summary Spartns is a SPARse TeNSor representation library (if you don't know what a tensor is, think of it as a matrix with any number of dimensions, not just two). Spartns is distributed under the LLGPL license.


Spartns can represent different dimensions using different "representation schemes".

There are currently three available:

You can define a sparse tensor type using combinations of these:
   :representation (array cvector hash hash)
   :element-type   single-float
means that the tensor will be an array of compressed vectors of hashtables of hashtables of single-float. Functions and macros will be defined with type declarations for very fast access to this structure.

It is also possible to convert between types (for example, start with all hashes, then convert to compressed vectors).

And finally, there are traversals: methods for traversing the sparse tensor quickly. The difference is that traversing a tensor by repeatedly calling GET (which is O(ln n)) is slow. Spartns takes advantage of the underlying structure and traverses the whole structure in O(K), where K is the number of non-zero elements.

For up to date information and dowloadable sources see the web site, above.

Aaron Sloman.
Last updated: 31 Jan 2008