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Poplog is a multi-language programming environment which includes amongst its many features:

Poplog has been around since 1980's and has been used extensively in industry and academia. The following is a very small sample of some of the systems Poplog has been used to develop:

(If there are any Poplog/Pop-11 users out there who would like something they've developed to appear on the above list, please get in contact with me)

You may also find the following articles of interest:

Those interested in examining the Poplog documentation should take a look at the rather nice Poplog Online produced by Anthony Worrall.

Poplog runs on practically any Unix machine (including Linux), and a Windows version is under development. For more information about Poplog visit www.poplog.org

Oh yes, the author of this page worked for Poplog for two years - so read the above with appropriate levels of bias.

AjH Adrian Howard (adrianh@cogs.susx.ac.uk)