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Welcome to the Open Source Poplog website.

Poplog is an integrated, interactive, multi-language software development environment, which used to be a commercial product but is now freely available, including system sources, under a liberal XFree86-style Open Source licence. The Poplog system provides incremental compilers for several powerful programming languages: POP-11, PROLOG, Common LISP and Standard ML.

At present Poplog runs under VMS, Windows9X/NT and a variety of versions of the Unix operating system (including Linux, AIX, Ultrix, SunOS, HP-UX and Dynix), on a variety of processors including VAX, M680x0, SPARC, 80x86, and MIPS.

information on the Poplog system and the Pop-11 programming language.
The Global Open Source Poplog Library.
Obtaining POPLOG
If you wish to obtain poplog please go to the Birmingham Free Poplog web site:
Local archive of comp.lang.pop from 1992 onwards. Also, see google's archive of comp.lang.pop

Poplog users are encouraged to join "pop-forum" the associated email list. Send email to, with the body of the message as: subscribe pop-forum.

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