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Installed: 25 Sep 2010
Updated: 20 Mar 2013; 20 May 2018

If you copy any files or directories from one place to another please always use
the '-p' flag, or equivalent (e.g. 'tar').

Otherwise the date information on the files will be lost, and the date information is
extremely useful for anyone working on the system. So 'ls -lt' will show the files
that have most recently been changed.

The main directory tree has many hard links. That means that files should not be
edited in the normal way, which causes an old file to be renamed and a new file given
its old name. This will cause the other links still to refer to the old file.
Instead, make a copy of the file, then edit it, then copy the new file back to the
old one: that will change the old one and everything else linked to it in other parts
of the directory tree. Numbers like 5, 3, 9, 18 in the second column after the file
type specification indicate the total number of files linked.

The latest sources for 32 bit Linux poplog are not included in this directory
tree. They are included with the latest 32 bit Linux poplog available here:
They may not be compatible with the files currently linked to in this master
directory, because of missing #IF guards, Sorry!

The sources for 64 bit linux produced by Waldek Hebisch were never fully integrated.
His 64-bit X86-64 poplog can be found here:
and here (as a tarball):


The linux poplog port was not completed before ISL was bought by SPSS. It was done
'as a labour of love' in his own time, by Clark Morton, not as an ISL project. At
that stage, Poplog was midway between two linux formats, a.out and elf. So various
people who understood different fragments of what was needed collaborated in
supplying various changes that were added to the linux poplog source tree that that
was being maintained in Birmingham. Robert Duncan, who had been a system developer at
Sussex and ISL, gave crucial help. John Gibson, who had been the chief architect of
Poplog was not available. He had taken early retirement on account of illness.

As far as I know, nobody has been using anything but linux poplog for several years,
though Waldek Hebisch did produce a port for HPUX on HPPA, which was never integrated
with the rest of poplog:
There was also an attempt to port poplog to Apple OSX on ppc, funded by my former
student Luc Beaudoin who wanted to use poplog for a project in Canada. But the people
doing the port had never experienced anything like the architecture of poplog, and
although they got an executable binary it was neither usable or maintainable.
Then Apple moved to X86!

What they produced is in this directory. I could make a tar file if anyone wants it.
That includes a note by Brent Fulgham, who later tried to get it working. He ends
saying he'll report back when he has a working system.

There was work being done on openpoplog but I had nothing to do with it, partly
because it seemed to require knowledge of/interest in windows, and I lacked both. I
was too busy anyway.

A lot of email messages went round about how to replace the Poplog X window
interface with something that would work on Windows and other platforms. I don't
think there was ever any agreement. That was before wxWindows, which might be a
candidate. Perhaps SDL would be a better alternative.

There is a port of poplog v15.53 to windows, available here
in a Zip file (I can't recall who produced it), along with the ancient v15.5 poplog
(which came from Sussex) which I think still works on windows (up to XP at least).

V15.5 for windows was originally distributed in a collection of about 10 floppies and
is still made up of a set of separate zip files that get unzipped and merged. That
does not include the sources.

The Solaris/Sparc version, using basepop11 linked in July 1999 still works, on the
version of Sparc/Solaris running here in Birmingham:
    5.10 Generic_127111-01
but I suspect that the sources cannot now be compiled as the Sun tools have changed a
lot since it was last rebuilt.

It would probably make sense to convert it to use gcc if anyone wanted to rebuild it.

The last working sparc/solaris tar file is this I think:
(There are others in that directory, though nothing that still deserves the label
'new'. )

By the time Sussex agreed to let me take over poplog (after considering whether to
host it locally) the team had dispersed except for Robert Duncan working for SPSS
while based at Sussex, and others working for SPSS, without having access to old ISL
source trees, which were the only complete ones.

Contents of the 'Master' source directory

The last complete Sussex directory tree that I was able to find when they said I
could take it over was this:
        78 MB
        Un-tarred with hard links preserved 109 MB
        Copying without preserving links expands total size to about 760 MB
Understanding how to use the files in those 'master' directories will require making
use of the documentation on compiling, rebuilding, and porting poplog, in this

The 'Master' directory

NB: the master directory makes essential use of linux linked files. So don't
try downloading directly. Instead fetch the tar file and untar it to get the
required links between files.

It contains the following, where

    the C.XXX directories contain
        all files common to architecture XXX or operating system XXX

    the S.XXXYYY directories contain
        all files needed to build a system with architecture XXX
        using operating system YYY

Note added 20 May 2018
    In 2013 Anthony Worall, Reading University, provided a complete mips+aix
    poplog source package, including executables, now available separately here:
        Gzipped tar file: 13M
        Browseable directory with contents of tar fle. Approx 54 Mbytes
        (Don't download this: the links will be replaced by copies. Fetch the
        tar file and unpack it.)

   drwxr-sr-x  5 axs poplog   4096 Oct 16  1992   demo
   drwxr-sr-x  3 axs poplog   4096 May 11  1993   C.hppa
   drwxr-sr-x  9 axs poplog   4096 Apr 21  1994   C.pwm
   drwxr-sr-x  3 axs poplog   4096 Nov 22  1994   C.alpha
   drwxr-sr-x  3 axs poplog   4096 Nov 22  1994   C.vax
   drwxr-sr-x  3 axs poplog   4096 Feb  1  1995   C.68000
   drwxr-sr-x 18 axs poplog   4096 May 11  1995   S.vaxunix4.3
   drwxr-sr-x 18 axs poplog   4096 May 11  1995   S.vaxunix4.2
   drwxr-sr-x 18 axs poplog   4096 May 11  1995   S.sun4r5
   drwxr-sr-x 18 axs poplog   4096 May 11  1995   S.pcunix
   drwxr-sr-x 18 axs poplog   4096 May 11  1995   S.iris
   drwxr-sr-x 18 axs poplog   4096 May 11  1995   S.hpbob
   drwxr-sr-x 18 axs poplog   4096 May 11  1995   S.hp9000_700
   drwxr-sr-x 18 axs poplog   4096 May 11  1995   S.decstation
   drwxr-sr-x 18 axs poplog   4096 May 11  1995   S.axpvms
   drwxr-sr-x  3 axs poplog   4096 May 12  1995   junk
   drwxr-sr-x  3 axs poplog   4096 Jun  9  1995   C.sparc
   drwxr-sr-x 11 axs poplog   4096 Jun  9  1995   C.vms
   drwxr-sr-x  3 axs poplog   4096 Jun  9  1995   C.mips
   drwxr-sr-x  3 axs poplog   4096 Jun  9  1995   C.80386
   drwxr-sr-x  4 axs poplog   4096 Jun 13  1995   C.x
   drwxr-sr-x  2 axs poplog   4096 Aug  2  1995   sysdoc
   drwxr-sr-x 13 axs poplog   4096 Sep 21  1995   contrib
   drwxr-sr-x 16 axs poplog   4096 Nov 10  1995   C.all
   drwxr-sr-x 17 axs poplog   4096 Nov 10  1995   C.unix
   drwxr-sr-x 18 axs poplog   4096 Nov 10  1995   S.sun3x
   drwxr-sr-x 18 axs poplog   4096 Nov 10  1995   S.sun3
   drwxr-sr-x 18 axs poplog   4096 Nov 10  1995   S.sun4
   drwxr-sr-x  7 axs poplog   4096 Mar 21  1996   C.win32
   drwxr-sr-x 18 axs poplog   4096 Oct 25  1996   S.vaxvms
   drwxr-sr-x  9 axs poplog   4096 Jul  2  1997
   drwxr-sr-x  3 axs poplog   4096 Jan 28  1998   C.power
   drwxr-sr-x 18 axs poplog   4096 Feb  5  1998   S.powaix
   drwxr-sr-x  4 axs poplog   4096 Feb  5  1998   C.sun
   drwxrwxr-x  2 axs poplog  12288 Apr  9  1999   deletions
   drwxr-sr-x 18 axs poplog   4096 Aug 29  1999   S.axposf
   drwxr-sr-x  3 axs poplog   4096 Jan 30  2000   install
   drwxr-sr-x  2 axs poplog   4096 Jun 25  2000   temp
   drwxr-sr-x 16 axs poplog   4096 Jun 25  2000   S.pcwnt

   -rwxr-xr-x  1 axs poplog    166 Mar  9  1988   makedirslike
   -rwxr-xr-x  1 axs poplog    189 Mar  9  1988   linkdirslike
   -rwxr-xr-x  1 axs poplog    686 Nov 27  1989   makenewsubdir
   -rwxr-xr-x  1 axs poplog     93 Nov 15  1990   purgeSdirs
   -rwxr-xr-x  1 axs poplog    102 Nov 15  1990   checkSdirs
   -rwxr-xr-x  1 axs poplog    343 Jul 27  1995   mkrefindex
   -rw-r--r--  1 axs poplog   3756 Aug  8  1995   update_pop.p

Not sure these are part of the system:
   -rwxr-xr--  1 axs poplog    169 Aug  8  1995   update_aws1
   -rwxr-xr--  1 axs poplog    150 Aug  8  1995   update_epvax

Total: 106556 blocks (approx 105MB)

I think the contents of that are all in this 78MB file:
    -rw-r--r-- 1 axs staff 80664005 Mar 21 00:08 ../src.tar.gz

an older version is this, which does not include some additional directories with
changes to linux poplog:
    -rw-r--r-- 1 axs staff 32082914 Apr 24  2004 poplog/src-2004.tar.gz

I made no attempt to copy back into the master directory tree all the changes made to
linux poplog, partly because it became clear to me that others preferred not to
continue with the sussex methodology, and instead wanted to use new more up to date
development tools.

I thought that was a mistake, but did not try to convince them because I am an
amateur and they were all professional software engineers!

NOTE ADDED 25 Sep 2010

This directory includes some of my attempts to keep records of changes made to sources in the 32 bit linux system. I may later try copying the current linux sources and documentation over the S.pcunix tree. That would update a number of things and may break some others! I have made no attempt to install my new package directory included in poplog in the master tree $usepop/pop/packages Neither have I yet removed things from the master tree that were moved into that packages directory. See Several things that are now in the new packages directory (e.g. teaching materials, stuff for mail, etc.) were previously in the general poplog libraries. I may have broken some of the links a few years ago when I tried to copy some stuff back into the source tree (concerned with objectlcass I think). So expect to find broken bits. There are other fragments I was given later by various people: containing: gz/AREADME.txt Summary of contents. See that file for descriptions of the following: gz/S.poweraix.tar.gz gz/pcsolaris1552.tar.gz gz/src-S.axpvms-15.53.tar.gz gz/src-S.powaix.tar.gz DIRECTORIES (untarred files) gz/duplicates gz/pcsolaris1552 containing iris-src.tar.gz S.vaxvms.tar.gz I think these are just duplicates of a subset of the contents of the master/ subdirectory listed above, but I am not sure. There are also some files which I think contain code that was used to help maintain the source tree, but I am not sure whether it is complete: This came from a sussex directory: -rw-r--r-- 1 axs poplog 50363 Jul 24 2002 master.tar.gz Contains: lockfile/ lockfile/lib/ lockfile/lib/lockfiles.p lockfile/lib/lockf.p lockfile/lib/ved_lockfile.p lockfile/help/ lockfile/help/lockf lockfile/help/lockfiles lockfile/help/ved_lockfile lockfile/auto/ lockfile/auto/trylockfile.p lockfile/auto/tryunlockfile.p lockfile/lockfile.p lockfile/locks/ lib/lockfile.p master/ master/auto/ master/auto/newmaster_header.p master/auto/newmaster_transport.p master/auto/ved_master.p master/auto/ved_newmaster.p master/auto/newmaster_utils.p master/com/ master/com/newmaster/ master/com/newmaster/installmaster master/com/newmaster/deletemaster master/com/newmaster/installmaster.OLD master/com/newmaster/deletemaster.OLD master/com/rmmaster master/help/ master/help/getmaster master/help/newmaster master/help/rmmaster master/help/ved_master master/lib/ master/lib/newmaster/ master/lib/newmaster/delete.p master/lib/newmaster/get.p master/lib/newmaster/header.p master/lib/newmaster/history.p master/lib/newmaster/install.p master/lib/newmaster/mark.p master/lib/newmaster/params.p master/lib/newmaster/recover.p master/lib/newmaster/unlock.p master/lib/newmaster/utils.p master/lib/newmaster/vedcomms.p master/lib/newmaster.p master/master.p lib/master.p ============================ There may be something I have forgotten which is mentioned somewhere in the top level file:
From Aaron Sloman Sat Sep 25 00:24:36 BST 2010 To: Ian Rogers Subject: Re: poplog-dev Poplog on github .................. I suspect pop11 or perhaps the whole poplog to the could be useful for the OLPC Sugar is another option:
Background to this file
In 2010 Ian Rogers, one of the people who contributed to the development of Poplog at
Sussex University, volunteered to put together poplog sources in a 'git' repository.
His version is now here:

In order to set up the new repository, Ian asked me questions about the Poplog
sources, and my answers make up the bulk of this file.

Ian's work has different, less ambitious, aims from The Open Poplog project:

This file maintained by:

Aaron Sloman