Logical Abstract Machines 17-24 August 1998

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This workshop brings together recent work on the design of abstract machines for functional programming languages based on logical foundations. Abstract machines describe implementations of functional languages on a level of abstraction which is high enough to make it possible to reason about the implementation but low enough as to allow an easy coding of the abstract machine. The workshop is aimed at students and researchers with a basic understanding of functional programming and intuitionistic logic who want to work on the exciting field of programming with a solid logical basis.

We focus the workshop along two main themes: explicit substitutions and abstract machines based on Linear Logic. Most of the more recent work on abstract machines is directed towards implementing and proving correct functional languages based on Linear Logic ideas. Linear Logic, being a resource logic, was deemed ideal to model resource control in functional languages. With the recent advent of game models these have been deemed useful in describing abstract machines and relating them to the issues of optimal reductions. We aim to represent these new directions as well as more conventional strands of work in the workshop

The workshop is part of the 10th European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information (ESSLLI-98) which takes place in Saarbruecken, Germany from August 17 to August 28 1998. This workshop has been supported by the APPSEM EU-funded Working Group. The workshop is organised by Valeria de Paiva and Eike Ritter . Their own research concerning linear logic and applications can be found under the xSLAM Project

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