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Abramowitz and Stegun

Book Download

This page contains downloadable, scanned images of the final printing: “10th printing, December 1972, with corrections” of Abramowitz and Stegun. The complete book (1060 pages including the front matter) is freely downloadable from this web page in three formats: as a multipage, binarised, deskewed TIFF file at 300 pixels per inch with all connected components (i.e. connected ink blots) smaller than the smallest correct dot removed (54MBytes), as a similarly processed and formatted document but at 600 pixels per inch (111 MBytes), and as a PDF file in both A4 and Letter formats with bookmarked links to all sections, subsections and tables. This PDF is based on the 300 pixels per inch version described above.

The files contain all pages in the book, including the front and back matter and blank pages separating sections. The latter were included so that the relationship between TIFF/PDF file page numbers and book page numbers would remain as simple as possible.

Note that the original printing process for the book was such that there are a significant number of printing flaws in the book itself. Many flaws in the scanned images are faithful reproductions of these printing flaws rather than artifacts of the scanning process. In particular, most pages of the book have some slight skew - up to 1.35 degrees in the worst cases. While the scanning process undoubtedly introduced some level of skew, most of the skew appears in the original book. The deskewing was carried out automatically based on a projection profile approach and, although it is by no means perfect, it has reduced the skew in all cases.

Complete Book in Binarised (Black and White) Form
Note Description Size Download ChangeLog
If you just want a scanned copy of Abramowitz and Stegun to read, then download this Complete book (1060 pages) in PDF format with bookmarks: contained page scan images are 300 pixels per inch, binarised, deskewed, with small connected components removed and using LOSSLESS TIFF g4 compression. 55 MBytes AandS-a4-v1-2.pdf (A4 format)
AandS-letter-v1-2.pdf (U.S. Letter format)
As above but using LOSSY JBIG2 compression on the contained page scan imagesPDF JBIG2 compression was carried out using the jbig2enc encoder originally developed by Adam Langley and improved by Radim Hatlapatka. For details of the tool used, which replaces images in PDF documents with their JBIG2 compressed version, see http://code.google.com/p/pdfrecompressor/ and https://github.com/rhatlapa/jbig2enc.. Note that while these file sizes are significantly smaller, opening the files and changing pages suffers a short extra delay for the PDF reader to decompress the images. 12 MBytes AandS-a4-v1-2-JBig2.pdf (A4 format)
AandS-letter-v1-2-JBig2.pdf (U.S. Letter format)
If you are interested in doing some document analysis on the pages of the book, this is probably what you want Complete book (1060 pages) in 300 pixels per inch, binarised, deskewed, g4 compressed TIFF with small connected components removed Single multipage Tiff 54 MBytes AandS-mono300.tif
Tar gzip of single page TIFFs 51 MBytes AandS-mono300.tgz
If you are interested in investigating the difference that higher resolutions make in document analysis, this might be useful Complete book (1060 pages) in 600 pixels per inch, binarised, deskewed, g4 compressed TIFF with small connected components removed Single multipage TIFF 111 MBytes AandS-mono600.tif
Tar gzip of single page TIFFs 107 MBytes AandS-mono600.tgz