A Resource for Scientific Document Analysis:
Abramowitz and Stegun

Grey Scale Images

Although the complete book in binarised form, i.e. in black and white, is available from this web site, the original scanned images, which are in 8 bit grey scale, come to a total of 19 GBytes as 600 pixels per inch TIFF files using zip (deflate) compression. Because of the size of this collection, the losslessly compressed version of these images are not available online. However, they are available on request by alternative means. Please contact A.P.Sexton@cs.bham.ac.uk to make arrangements.

In the absence of web accessible versions of the full losslessly compressed grey scale images, the following files contain a LOSSY compressed version of the original grey scale images. These are tar gzip archives of the pages of the book where each page is stored as a TIFF 8bit grey scale image with JPEG compression with the compression level set to 60%.

8 bit grey scale, 600dpi page images stored with lossy JPEG:60 compression
Description Size Download
Original, 8 bit grey scale, 600dpi scanned images of the book pages 2.4 GBytes AandS-grey600-jpg60.tgz
Deskewed version of the above grey scale images 2.4 GBytes AandS-grey600-deskewed-jpg60.tgz

I have made a selection of the original LOSSLESS grey page scans available. If you have a need for the full collection of lossless compressed grey page scans, please contact me explaining your requirement and I will try to overcome the logistical problems of providing them to you.

The following are samples from the original lossless compressed scans without any image processing applied (click on the thumbnails for the full resolution images). They are all 600 pixels per inch, 8 bit grey scale, deflate compressed, single page TIFF images. Each image is between 17.5 and 20.5 MBytes. They are provided both for the curious and for anyone interested in using them for research on binarisation, noise reduction, de-skewing, or grey scale optical character recognition.

Samples from the Original, Lossless Compressed, Grey Scale Scanned Images
Physical page 23
page number 9
Physical page 24
page number 10
Physical page 25
page number 11
Physical page 26
page number 12
Physical page 27
page number 13
Physical page 28
page number 14
Physical page 29
page number 15
Physical page 30
page number 16
Physical page 31
page number 17
Physical page 32
page number 18
Physical page 33
page number 19
Physical page 34
page number 20
Physical page 35
page number 21
Physical page 36
page number 22
Physical page 37
page number 23
Physical page 38
page number 24
Physical page 39
page number 25
Physical page 401
page number 387
Physical page 740
page number 726
Physical page 743
page number 729