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Abramowitz and Stegun


Abramowitz and Stegun contains 399 plots including line plots, countour maps and branch cut plots which I include in the following download (4 other elementary diagrams which do not have explicit axes have been excluded).

Each plot is stored as a 600 dpi TIFF RGBA image with deflate compression and with the background set to 100% transparent and the foreground set to black (i.e. the same format, and for the same reason, as the connected component image dataset)

Corresponding to each plot image file is a JSON file with the same base name that gives details of the location and dimensions of the plot image in the book (the "clip"), the page number and dimensions of the page that the plot was clipped from, and a list of the location (on the page) and the dimensions of each connected component in the plot image). A sample JSON plot information file is as follows:

  "ClipHeight": 598,
  "ClipImage": "AandS-mono600_p0896_x2952_y3123_c00145.tif",
  "ClipWidth": 557,
  "ClipX": 2952,
  "ClipY": 3123,
  "Page": 896,
  "PageHeight": 6094,
  "PageWidth": 4368,
  "SrcImage": "AandS-mono600.tif",
  "glyphs": [
      "h": 598,
      "w": 557,
      "x": 2952,
      "y": 3123
      "h": 45,
      "w": 45,
      "x": 3375,
      "y": 3269
Description Size Download
399 plot images with associated location and content data in tar bzip2 format 7.6 MBytes AandS-mono600_clips_plots.tar.bz2