Make everything freely available on the web
(Especially if your research is paid for, directly or indirectly, by public funds.)

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I believe the future of academic publishing in most fields lies in free, open access (in accordance with ideals of the 'Creative Commons' initiative) with retrospective accreditation based on ongoing critical comment and evaluation --- which will often be more objective and considered than the hasty evaluations produced by referees for journals, conferences and workshops. Results of research funded by tax-payers should be freely available to anyone, not just specialists in the field -- including people in poorer countries whom we exploit by employing their expensively trained professionals.

Accordingly, all my papers, presentations, and discussion notes are freely available online.

I also maintain an extensive web site of free, open source, software developed here and elsewhere, based on the Poplog system (originally developed at Sussex University and marketed by ISL until 1998).
My past and recent publications are all available online
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