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Last updated: 6 Dec 2018
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Introduction: I cannot take any PhD students or Interns

NOTE: This document was first produced many years ago. Since then I have become less involved in teaching and supervising. In particular, I cannot accept intern students or PhD students, and do not have up to date information on current arrangements for students.
   (An exception is this project (Deadline 14 Jan 2019):

Instead of writing to me about internships or courses at Birmingham University, please search the School of computer Science web site:

I get regular enquiries about internships and about the possibility of doing a PhD with me. I don't answer letters from people who say they have read my home page and really want to work with me and then reveal by what they write that they have NOT read my web page and know nothing about my work.

Current research (Added: 14 Feb 2016)

Since around 2011 I have been working mainly on several topics related to the Turing-inspired Meta-Morphogenesis project, summarised here (and in many more pages linked to these):
More details in in these files, and others referenced in them:

I can't offer supervision on any of this work, but I'll be interested to hear from anyone working on these topics.

PhD enquiries

I am not formally available for PhD supervision, as I have passed the UK retirement age, though I am still doing research full time, and in some cases I help PhD students who are supervised by other people in this department.

I no longer deal with PhD applications and I have no funds available at my personal disposal for PhD students.

As regards students who already have funding who wish to work with me while formally supervised by someone else, I can only consider those who identify a gap in my research activity which they think they can fill. I would require substantial experience of programming in an AI language (Lisp, or pop11 or prolog).

Letters which say 'I am very interested in your research' but do not give any evidence of knowledge of my research are not taken seriously.

I don't have time to read CVs sent to me, but I can provide the following information.

If you wish to apply to study for a PhD here, please read the following web pages and follow instructions (I don't check these links regularly, so you may have to be creative if some are out of date!):

Those web pages give detailed information, including pointers to online application forms, and information about funding, i.e.

Detailed questions about funding etc. can be sent to the PhD Admissions tutor,


If you submit a formal application and it looks good (i.e. you have an outstanding academic record, and your academic referees write strong recommendations concerning your research potential), and if someone is available to supervise you within the topic area you have specified or a related topic area, then the School will let you know.


If you wish to study here for a PhD, you should try to submit, with your application, a proposal (at most a page or two) that you think will show your ability to identify a problem and indicate your ability think about how to start working on it. If possible you should try to match it to interests of one or more members of staff in the school, but that is not as important as showing your research qualities.

Even if someone wishes to supervise your work that still leaves the problem of obtaining funding, and you should try if possible to obtain financial support from your own country for study here.

If nobody wants to supervise work on the specific area you have described someone else may suggest an area that could interest you.

Your description of the kind of research you wish to do will help the reviewers decide whether you are ready to do research.

You can get more information about research activities within this school from these web pages:

I hope you manage to find what you are looking for.

For information on not sending duplicate messages in both plain text and html (which I intensely dislike receiving) see

Summer Internships

I have no funds for internships and since I no longer do undergraduate teaching there is no point writing to me about doing an internship with me. The following information may be useful if you are thinking of coming to this department. I don't guarantee that any of the links are up to date.

For general information about study opportunities in this department, contact addresses, scholarships, etc. please look at:

For information on not sending messages in both plain text and html (which I strongly dislike receiving) see

For information concerning PhD and Masters study opportunities in this department please look at:

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