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Ayberk Tosun


Maki de Madagascar

I am PhD student in the Theory of Computation group at the University of Birmingham, interested in domain theory and pointfree topology. My supervisor is Martín H. Escardó and second supervisor is Vincent Rahli.

Before I started my PhD, I obtained an MSc degree from Chalmers University of Technology. For my MSc thesis there, I investigated formal topology in the context of univalent type theory, under the supervision of Thierry Coquand.


Most of my work so far has been focussed on making predicative sense of constructive pointfree topology in the constructive and predicative context of Cubical Type Theory. More broadly, my primary research interest is the connection between topology and computation. Domains and topology are an indispensable tool for approaching this connection, but I am interested in other such tools such as synthetic topology.