I joined the School of Computer Science in October 2018 as a teaching focused Lecturer in Computer Science. Before joining the University of Birmingham, I served in the education sector at several universities in the UK, including University College London (UCL). I also worked at Brunel University London, where I served as a research fellow on four EU-funded projects (EU FP7 & H2020): Policy Compass, MINI CHIP Decision Support System, CLOUD-VAS and GreenDc. Through my PhD research, I have developed an automated approach to patient experience analysis via Sentiment Analysis, Topic Modelling, and Dependency Parsing methods. The approach presented in the study was deemed very effective in automatically analysing the NHS patient feedback database. Specifically, it could provide an overview of the rate of positive and negative sentiments, identify frequently discussed topics and summarise individual patient feedback items. Moreover, I have developed an API visualisation tool to make the outcomes more accessible to the NHS.
Apart from my work in academia, I have strong connections within the ICT industry. I provide robust web and mobile systems solutions and software consulting services for both the public (including the NHS) and private sphere. In addition, I have strong connections within the industry in the Middle East, as I provided software consulting services to several governmental institutes including the Ministry of Health in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and the official Emirates News Agency in Dubai


PhD in Text Mining and Sentiment Analysis @Brunel University London

2014 - DEC 2017

The Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education @University of Bedfordshire

2017 - 2018

MSc in Advanced Software Engineering @Kingston University London

2013 - 2014

BSc(Hons) in Computer Engineering @IUG University

2004 - 2009

Research Interest

Advanced Software Engineering

Natural Language Processing

including chatbots

Human Computer Interaction

Mobile Development

Including, m-learning, m-government and m-heath


Software Engineering 1 (19/20)

Systems Programming in C/C++ (19/20)

Introductory Computer Science (19/20)

Compiler and Languages (18/19)

Software Workshop(18/19)


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