Creative Coding Resources

Coding screen

This is a selection of resources to support people to start learning to code using Processing and/or Sketchpad (which is an browser-based version of Processing that can support collaborative coding).


Processing is a coding environment specifically aimed at visual artists and others interested in using code in particularly creative ways (although coding itself is creative problem solving :)).

It's easy to Download and install Processing and have a play.

Once you've opened Processing, try some of these simple exercises

Other resources are in .zip format - download and unzip these sketches, then open up the .pde file.


The Processing Cheat Sheet gives a super helpful overview, and the common questions doc hopefully answers some, erm, common questions about the differences between Java and Python :).


If there are a group of you, or you like to work with others and/or share your code, look at the collaborative environment called, which basically runs Processing in a browser while allowing several people to make changes to programs together.

Have a go at some of these creative challenges in Sketchpad!

Other coding resources