Creative Coding Resources

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This is a selection of resources generated by Charlie Pinder to support people to start learning to code using Processing and/or Sketchpad (which is an browser-based version of Processing that can support collaborative coding).


Processing is a coding environment specifically aimed at visual artists and others interested in using code in particularly creative ways (although coding itself is creative problem solving :)).

It's easy to Download and install Processing and have a play.

Once you've installed Processing, try some of these simple exercises

  • Download the Processing overview Word doc to get familiar with the environment (obviously, your version of Processing won't be installed in the same place!). Playing with the examples is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED. See if you can break them in interesting ways!
  • Download the starter exercise sheet (Word), and open the simple starter sketch. You can cut and paste the code straight into Processing.
  • Try making things go boing
  • Try the flappy cakes challenge!
  • Fiddle with the image from your webcam in real time!


The Processing Cheat Sheet gives a super helpful overview, and the common questions doc hopefully answers some, erm, common questions :).


If there are a group of you, or you like to work with others and/or share your code, look at the collaborative environment called, which basically runs Processing in a browser while allowing several people to make changes to programs together.

Have a go at some of these creative challenges in Sketchpad!

Other coding resources