I am currently recruiting for a new research project in String Diagrams, a collaboration with Fabio Zanasi and Alexandra Silva at University College London:

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I am a Professor of Semantics of Programming Languages in the School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham.

I study programming languages using type systems and semantics, particularly diagrammatic semantics. I am a member of the Theory Research Group.

The main practical problem I like to work on is transparently compiling conventional programming languages on unconventional architectures (seamless computing). Some of my recent research is used in the development of a new start-up company with University of Birmingham:

I am also the director of the Programming Language Research Lab of the Huawei Research Centre Edinburgh.

Read a fairly accessible introduction to and history of Game Semantics (LICS'09) or a slightly more technical introduction to the Geometry of Synthesis (MEMOCODE'11) or watch a video of the associated talk.

A proper introduction to game semantics is this paper, The Far Side of the Cube which is based on lectures I gave at the Oregon Programming Languages Summer School, available on video.

I also have a small collection of research talks on Vimeo.

If you are interest, our research group has PhD studentships available. Apply online. It's helpful to drop me an email to let me know you are interested.

If you are planning to visit me please read this page with directions and travel information.