Bounded Linear Logic Workshop

Fontainebleau, 2-4 December 2013

Organizers: Ugo Dal Lago, Marco Gaboardi, Dan Ghica, Damiano Mazza, Guy McCusker, Michele Pagani, Ulrich Schoepp, Christine Tasson

Participants to the BLL workshop

In the last couple of years we have seen several interesting and exciting new applications of bounded linear type systems to resource management and control. As a result, a group of us will organize a small workshop dedicated to the study of such type systems, their semantics and their applications. The workshop will be held at the Fontainbleau research center of Universite Paris 7 in the first week of December (2-4). This will be a true workshop, focusing primarily on developing new ideas and collaborations, rather than on talks. There will be no fee for the workshop itself. The invited participants are listed here.

The workshop hotel is the Ibis hotel in Fontainebleau. Arrival information can be accessed here.

Lunches will be provided, but you will need to pay for dinner. We plan to go out together to a restaurant in Fontainebleau. The expect cost of the dinner is about EUR20. Please let us know if you would like to go for dinner Monday and/or Tuesday to make reservations.


(morning talks and time to work in smaller groups in the afternoons)

A video projector will be available, as well as a (modest) whiteboard. There are several smaller rooms available for break-out groups in the afternoon.

A BLL Reader

(Courtesy of Marco Gaboardi)

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Participant feedback [PDF]