School of Computer Science

FY and MSc Student Projects

I am primarily interested in projects executed in functional programminglanguages: OCaml, Haskell or Agda. I prefer projects that are connect to ongoing research and which can result in publications.

For implementation projects I prefer projects that are less ambitions in terms of size, but clever and polished. I will not accept projects which are mockups of "realistic" system because they are basically throw-away work.

Projects based on ongoing research

  • Develop case studies for a Java research compiler for cloud co-processing.

  • Designing and implementing new visual programming paradigms. This is a past project that I would like furhter expanded

  • Design visual theorem provers for propositional logic, similar to this but based on natural deduction.

  • Using machine learning techniques to study formal languages.

Theoretical projects

  • Implement and prove some correctness properties of algorithms and data structures in Agda, especially for diagram manipulation.

Implementation projects

  • Develop a Big-Data-style algorithm for automatic conference Programme Committee (PC) formation and paper assignments to PC members.

  • Develop mobile or web apps (F# or OCaml) using Xamarin or Ocsigen.

  • Develop a BibTeX plug-in for using DBLP automatically.

  • Develop a Twitter bot for monitoring publications of a research group.

Projects based on older research

  • Extend the Verity programming language with effect handlers

  • Develop FPGA-based deep packet inspection (DPI) using the Verity language.

  • Develop a FPGA-based autofocus algorithm in Verity.