Parametric maps showing histological features of melanoma


SIAscope I - a skin imaging device, developed by Astron Clinica, Cambridge.


A colour image of a melanoma (only part of the lesion is shown in the image).


Collagen levels in the lesion (image brightness increases with the increase in the collagen level). Increased collagen levels can be seen along the lesion periphery where there is active growth of the cancer. This presence of "fibrosis" is thought to occur in response to the initial invasion of malignant melanocytes penetrating into the dermis.

Total melanin levels (both dermal and epidermal) within the lesion (brightness increases with the increase in the level). Increase in melanin level, in relation to the surrounding skin, can be seen within the entire body of the lesion.


Blood levels in the lesion (brightness increases with the increase in the level). There is hardly any blood supply within the lesion, but supply along the periphery is very high. This pattern, so typical of melanoma, cannot be appreciated from the original colour image.

Dermal melanin within the lesion (shown as a black overlay) superimposed on the colour image. The pattern of melanin distribution is irregular and the level increases towards the lesion edge. The presence of dermal melanin cannot be established clinically and would require biopsy and histological examination.

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