Prof Ela Claridge

Recent Research Fellows

Antonio Calcagni
Physics-based image interpretation to aid the detection of early signs of retinopathies
Yuan Shen
Multispectral Retinal Image Analysis (MRIA): A new technique for the assessment of age-related macular degeneration and its treatment

Recent Research Students

Sophie Glinton
Multispectral Topographic Imaging as a Tool for Pre-clinical and Clinical Imaging of Rheumatoid Joints
Emma Lonnen
Novel computer image analysis and machine learning methods for quantitative characterisation of the drug/receptor interactions in metastatic breast cancer
Christopher Meah
Light field imaging for biomedical sciences
Richard Marshall
Light field imaging of retina
James Brown
MicroCT analysis of bone destruction in mouse models of rheumatoid arthritis
William Pitkeathly
Multi-dimensional Analysis of Receptor Trafficking during Chemotaxis
Andrew Palmer
Retinal image analysis
Jonathan Robinson
Imaging of Clinical Ultrasonic Cleaning via MicroCT, Ultrasound and Optical Technologies

Less recent fellows and students

Iain Styles
Physics-based image interpretation to aid the detection of early signs of retinopathies
Felipe Orihuela Espina
Interpretation of fundus images using physics-based models
Dzena Hidovic
A physics based model of colouration for early detection of colon cancer
Ben Aribisala
Computing irregularity for features in medical images
Marcos Quintana
Genetic programming applied to morphological image processing
Mark Roberts
An exploration of naturally inspired techniques for computing perceptual closure
Stephen Preece
Medical image interpretation based on image formation models
Mark O'Dwyer
Physics-based image interpretation
Ahmet Orun
Image analysis based on an optical model of the skin for detection of early signs of melanoma
Mutawarra Hussain
Registration of cerebral sulci
Symon Cotton
A non-invasive system for assisting in the diagnosis of malignant melanoma
Jon Morris Smith
Characterisation of visual features in skin lesions
Alison Todman
Low-level boundary grouping mechanisms for contour completion