I am a researcher in human computer interaction. My research involves conducting qualitative studies to understand how people use new and emerging technologies in real world settings in order to reveal and design for the future. What impact do these technologies have on us and our lives? How can we make use of them to compliment and augment our lives? Current research includes exploring ways of making data personally meaningful to promote reflection and behaviour change in areas such as work-life balance, physical activity, and building use and design. Other interests are people's sharing behaviours around and through technology, and children's technology supported collaboration.

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I currently teach:

  • Advanced Human Computer Interaction, Human Computer Interaction, Human Computer Interaction Theory and Practice modules: Masters and 3rd Year Undergraduate courses covering a breadth of topics in the space of HCI.
  • Experimental Methods and Statistics

For a list of potential projects I would be willing to supervise, please see my projects page