Ferdian Jovan


I am a PhD student in Computer Science University of Birmingham. I am supervised by Prof. Jeremy Wyatt and Dr. Nick Hawes. My research is about spatio-temporal modelling for human activities in extended period of time. My research is part of STRANDS (Spatio-Temporal Representations and Activities for Cognitive Control in Long-Term Scenarios) project led by my supervisor Dr. Nick Hawes. I am also a member of the Intelligent Robotics Lab.

I did my master in Technische Universitaet Dresden and Free University of Bozen-Bolzano as part of European Master in Computational Logic. I received my Bachelor in Computer Science in Universitas Indonesia. I was part of high performance computing labs in Universitas Indonesia focusing on swarm robotics for odor source localisation for one and half year.


As part of STRANDS project where we build the intelligence of a mobile robot to better understand its surrounding which is a human-centered environment, I designed a framework which allows us to represent and reason aggregate human behaviour in large, populated human-environments on extended temporal scales. We created algorithms which can deal with uncertain and imperfect sensors for a better representation in re-occurring human activity patterns. Our aim is to provide a robot proper representations of its surrounding and the ability to reason how its environment changes overtime.

In general, my interest lies on mobile robotics, machine learning on robots over long time-spans, and multi-agent system.


I have been helping the following modules:

  • Robot Programming: a first-year module introducing the basic concept of intelligent robotics in Lego NXT robots using Java.
  • Language and Logic: a first-year module introducing the basic concept of logic such as propositional logic and first-order logic

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