Fully funded Industrial CASE PhD studentship in computer/automotive security

This four year PhD studentship in the area of embedded security/cryptography for next generation vehicles at the School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham is jointly sponsored by Jaguar Land Rover and EPSRC.

Research Project

Modern automotive vehicles have several wireless interfaces, are interconnected with various devices and with the internet. This connectivity adds great functionality but it also introduces a number of security and privacy threats. This PhD studentship will be focused on improving the security of the next generation electronic vehicles. Develop optimized implementations of cryptographic primitives and protocols for time critical automotive applications. University of Birmingham, Computer Science: The School of Computer Science at Birmingham is one of the UK's leading computer science departments (Ranked as the best UK Comp. Sci. department by the Guardian for 2014). We have a very active security research group and which is a GCHQ/ESPRC centre of excellence for cyber security.