Generating metaphors using a combination of AI reasoning and corpus-based modeling of formulaic expressions

Scheme: Marie Curie International Incoming Fellowships (IIF)
Call: FP7-People-2012-IIF
Research fellow: Andrew Gargett
Host researcher: John Barnden
Host institution: School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham
Duration: 2013-2015

The Gen-Meta project will aim to improve metaphor processing so as to make it more capable of playing a role in natural language processing (NLP). This will lead to greatly increasing the relevance and usefulness of NLP in a whole range of everyday activities, and thereby help to improve inclusivity of people in the "digital economy" of Europe. Envisaged flow-on effects include improving language teaching technology, healthcare technology, and general service forms of electronic communications (libraries, schools, transportation). During the project, we will construct novel technologies, and build on existing ones, most prominently ATT-Meta, Embodied Construction Grammar, and Dynamic Syntax.

For more information about the project, please follow this link. For lists of publications, software, etc, linked to this project, please see relevant sections here.