Workshop on the Krivine and ZINC Abstract Machines

co-located with MFPS XXI

The KAZAM workshop took place at the Edgbaston campus of the University of Birmingham, UK on 17 May 2005, the day before the MFPS XXI (Mathematical Foundations of Programming Semantics) conference.

An informal proceedings with abstracts of the talks has appeared as University of Birmingham Computer Science technical report CSR-06-10.

The organizers of KAZAM are Olivier Danvy and Hayo Thielecke,

Invited speakers

Jean-Louis Krivine (PPS, University of Paris): A lazy lambda-calculus machine for programs extracted with the axiom of choice

Xavier Leroy (INRIA) From Krivine's machine to the Caml implementations


The lecture room for KAZAM is UG06 in the Learning Centre. The Learning Centre (14b on the map) is the building directly opposite from Computer Science (14a on the map), and its mirror image. The Computer Science building looks like this.

UG06 is a seminar room on the ground floor of the Learning Centre.

Coffee breaks will be in the Computer Science atrium.


Malgorzata Biernacka:
A concrete framework for environment machines
Bernhard Reus:
From Continuation Semantics to Abstract Machines
Aaron Bohannon, Zena M. Ariola, and Amr Sabry:
A Typed Calculus Supporting Shallow Embeddings of Abstract Machines
Coffee break
11:30 - 12:30
Jean-Louis Krivine:
A lazy lambda-calculus machine for programs extracted with the axiom of choice
Lunch at Staff House
Xavier Leroy:
From Krivine's machine to the Caml implementations
15:00 - 15:30
Graham Hutton:
Calculating an Exceptional Machine
15:30 -16:00
Paul Blain Levy:
Jumping Semantics For Call-By-Push-Value
Coffee break
Open-floor and discussion session

Information for participants

Participants are asked to pay the workshop fee directly to the organizers at the workshop. The standard fee is 25 pounds per person; for students, the fee is 20 pounds per person.

Registration (apart from fee payment) will be shared with the main MFPS conference. Please see the MFPS XXI pages for information and more local links.

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