How to apply for a PhD in Computer Science with me

Here are some slides I wrote for the Open Day PhD talk

Background for potential PhD students

Ideally, I am looking for Computer Science or Mathematics students with research interests in programming languages (knowing about things like compilers is more important than knowing lots of languages), or theoretical computer science, logic or discrete maths. Advanced topics on programming languages are not often taught at undergraduate level, so that some of the first year of a PhD would be spent on acquiring the necessary background. Our course on Principles of Programming Languages is relevant.

You should be amongst the best students in your first degree to be suitable for a PhD. Very good marks are particularly important if you hope to be nominated for one of our departmental scholarships (around July) or the Elite Postgraduate Scholarships (in January.

When reading transcripts, I like to see students chosing hard subjects (Maths, theoretical computer science, C programming, ...) rather than soft options. As part of your application for doctoral study, you will need to write a brief research proposal.

When you contact me initially, it is useful to include a transcript of your marks (so far), which you will also need for applying. That information will help me to see if you meet the entry requirements for PhD study. (I get quite a lot of spam enquiries.)

For making the formal application, you need to go to the Postgraduate Admissions Portal.