Dr Iain StylesDr Iain Styles - Research

Research Interests

I am interested in a wide variety of problems in biomedical imaging with a particular focus on diffuse tissue optics and mass spectrometry imaging, although I also have interests in many other areas of imaging and image analysis, including several aspects of microscopy.


Full list of my publications.

Funded Projects

BITMAP: Brain Imaging for Trauma Monitoring with Advanced Photonics (website)

Funded under H2020 Marie Skodowska-Curie Innovative Training Networks, project reference 6753321, January 2016–December 2019. Co-investigator (PI: Hamid Dehghani). €3,835,764.36

Fast and reliable 3D scanning for image guided breast reconstructive surgery

Funded by the EPSRC Follow-on Fund, 1 January 2014–31 December 2014. Co-Investigator (PI: Hamid Dehghani), £42,878.

Multispectral Retinal Image Analysis (MRIA): A new technique for the assessment of Age-related Macular Degeneration and its treatment.

Funded by the Dunhill Medical Trust under grant R116/0509, 2010-2012. Principal Investigator, £95,989

Modular discrete-wavelength light source synchronised with an intensity imaging camera for high-speed multispectral imaging (2006-2008)

Funded by the EPSRC under grant EP/E065236/1, 2006-2008. Co-investigator (PI: Ela Claridge), £102,033

Students and Collaborators

I am fortunate to collaborate with a wide range of researchers from many different discplines through a number of very talented research students, many of whom are funded through the EPSRC-funded Doctoral Training Centre in the "Physical Sciences of Imaging in the Biomedical Sciences" - PSIBS.

Current Students

I am principal supervisor of:

Student Project Other supervisors
Year 2
Wenqi Lu Regularization Methods in Diffuse Optical Imaging  
Year 1
Ben Sandford Interpretable Machine Learning Ales Leonardis (Computer Science).

I am co-supervisor of:

Student Project Other supervisors
Sophie Glinton Developing multispectral topographic imaging as a tool for pre-clinical and clinical imaging of rheumatoid joints Andrew Filer (Immunity and Infection); Amy Naylor (Immunity and Infection); Ela Claridge (Computer Science)
Mohammed Rassul Single molecule imaging of myelin proteins Daniel Fulton (Neurobiology); Robert Neely (Chemistry).
Nathaniel Wand Single molecule methods for visualising DNA-protein interactions Steve Busby (Biosciences); Robert Neely (Chemistry).
Year 3
Dan Lighter Diffuse optical tomography imaging in rheumatoid arthritis Andrew Filer (Immunity and Infection); Hamid Deghani (Computer Science)
Megan Cooke The development and biophysical characterization of novel biomimetic models for the repair of osteochondral tissue in early osteoarthritis Simon Jones (Institute of Inflammation and Ageing); Liam Grover (Chemical Engineering)
Year 2
Anna Simmonds Biomolecular tetris: Elucidating the structural consequences of phosphorylation Helen Cooper (Biosciences); John Heath (Biosciences); Peter Winn (Biosciences)
Emma Sisley Development of liquid extraction surface analysis mass spectrometry for the investigation of biomarkers and molecular mechanisms of renal fibrosis Helen Cooper (Biosciences); Peter Hall (UCB Pharmaceuticals)
Emma McCarthy Controlling Collagen Formation in Wounds Using Smart Dressings Liam Grover (Chemical Engineering); Pola Goldberg-Oppenheimer (Chemical Engineering); Alessio Alexiadis (Chemical Engineering);
Emma Faulkner Expansion microscopy as a tool to investigate DNA repair Robert Neely (Chemistry). Steve Thomas (Cardiovascular Sciences) Jo Morris (Canceer Sciences)
Carl Banbury Development of Point-of Care Technologies for Traumatic Brain Injury Diagnostics Pola Goldberg-Oppenheimer (Chemical Engineering); Ann Logan (Institute of Inflammation and Ageing)
Year 1

Former Students

Student Project Other supervisors
Graduated in 2017
Ryan Brown Development of tools for imaging of macrophages and macrophage-resident pathogens Sam Butterworth (Pharmacy); Robin May (Biosciences)
Jenny Cutter Obstacle Avoidance in Robotic Surgery Ales Leonardis (Computer Science); Hamid Dehghani (Computer Science)
Alex Dexter Developing the metrology of mass spectrometry imaging: understanding the image formation process to enable improved quantitation Josephine Bunch (Chemistry/National Physical Laboratory); Helen Cooper (Biosciences);
Emily Guggenheim Development of novel imaging techniques to improve understanding and specificity of targeting and cellular uptake of super paramagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPIONS). Josh Rappoport (Biosciences);Mike Hannon (Chemistry); Iseult Lynch (GEES);
Sarah Newton. Now working for the UK Civil Service. Super Resolution Cellular Imaging of a New Class of MRI Contrast Agents Anna Peacock (Chemistry); Melanie Britton (Chemistry); Josh Rappoport (Biosciences)
Elizabeth Randall. Now a research fellow at Brigham and Women's Hospital. Combining SRS and MS for High Resolution Quantitative Imaging of Drugs, Lipids and Proteins in Tissue: Powerful New Tools for Pharmaceutical Research Josephine Bunch (Chemistry/National Physical Laboratory); Helen Cooper (Biosciences);
Chris Stepanek Luminescent Nanoparticles Coated with Targeting Vectors to Probe Cellular Delivery Zoe Pikramenou (Chemistry); Nik Hodges (Biosciences); Josh Rappoport (Biosciences); Steve Thomas (Immunity and Infection);
Shelley Taylor. Now an NHS clinical scientist. Imaging of Light Emitting Biological Reporters in Murine Models Using Optical Molecular Imaging Hamid Deghani (Computer Science); Mark Cobbold (Immunity and Infection)
Naomi Waterman. Now an NHS clinical scientist. Superimaging with Metamaterials for Cardiovascular Disease Shuang Zhang (Physics); Jensen Li (Physics); Josh Rappoport (Biosciences); Steve Thomas (Cardiovascular and Respiratory Sciences);
Graduated in 2016
Rachel Flight. Now an NHS clinical scientist. Novel approaches for assaying and imaging in vitro wound healing Paul Cooper (Dentistry); Gabriel Landini (Dentistry); Dick Shelton (Dentistry)
David Kershaw. Now working for the UK Civil Service. Nanoparticle delivery of nucleic acid probes for SNP detection in the cell and sIRNA mediated gene inactivation Zoe Pikramenou (Chemistry); Jim Tucker (Chemistry); Roy Bicknell (Immunity and Infection)
Richard Marshall. >Now working for Hiscox Insurance. Light Field Imaging Kai Bongs (Physics); Ela Claridge (Computer Science); Alastair Denniston (Immunity and Infection)
Jeremy Pike. Now Image Analyst for COMPARE Multi-dimensional intravital imaging of signalling and trafficking during embryonic development Josh Rappoport (Biosciences); Josephine Bunch (Chemistry/National Physical Laboratory); John Heath (Biosciences)
Hao-Yang (Tommy) Wu Diffuse optical tomography imaging in rheumatoid arthritis Andrew Filer (Immunity and Infection); Hamid Deghani (Computer Science)
Victoria Salisbury. Now a researcher fellow in the Institure of Cardiovascular Science High resolution imaging and analysis of blood vessel formation and flow Victoria Heath (Immunity and Infection); Zoe Pikramenou (Chemistry); Roy Bicknell (Immunity and Infection)
Chris Meah. Founder, School of Code Light Field Imaging Kai Bongs (Physics); Ela Claridge (Computer Science)
Graduated in 2015
James Brown. Now a research fellow at MGH Articulated statistical shape models for the analysis of bone destruction in mouse models of rheumatoid arthritis Andrew Filer (Immunity and Infection); Amy Naylor (Immunity and Infection); Ela Claridge (Computer Science)
Sunil Claire Development of Nanoparticles for Imaging Applications Zoe Pikramenou (Chemistry) and Nik Hodges (Biosciences)
Alan Race. Now a postdoc at the University of Bayreuth Investigation and interpretation of large mass spectrometry imaging datasets Josephine Bunch (Chemistry/National Physical Laboratory)
Graduated in 2015
Graduated in 2014
Hector Basevi. Now a postdoc with Ales Leonardis. Use of prior information and probabilistic image reconstruction for optical tomographic imaging Hamid Dehghani (Computer Science); Jon Frampton (Immunity and Infection)
Amaria Zidouk. Now a Software Engineer at The Mathworks Recovering the optical properties of a tissue using maximum a posteriori based estimation Bayesian Approachs to Tissue Spectroscopy  
James Guggenheim. Now a postdoc in the Photoacoustic Imaging Group at UCL. Multi-modal diffuse optical tomography and bioluminescence tomography system for preclinical imaging Hamid Dehghani (Computer Science) and Jon Frampton (Immunity and Infection)
Andrew Palmer. Now a postdoc at EMBL Heidelberg Information processing for mass spectrometry imaging Josephine Bunch (Chemistry/National Physical Laboratory)
Graduating in 2012
Elvis Sze-Yeung Liu (graduated 2012). Now an Assistant Professor at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Matching algorithms for interest management in distributed virtual environments Georgios Theodoropoulos (left Birmingham in 2011)
Vinoth Suryanaryanan (graduated 2012). Now Chief Engineer at Samsung Research Institute Noida. Range finding in distributed systems Georgios Theodoropoulos (left Birmingham in 2011)