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John A. Barnden

Emeritus Professor of Artificial Intelligence

School of Computer Science


Research Associate, FraMEPhys Research Group

Department of Philosophy

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My research is within Cognitive Science, including Artificial Intelligence, and has the following main aspects:

  1. The processing of FIGURATIVE UTTERANCES (metaphoric, metonymic, hyperbolic, ironic, ...), by person or machine

      For some of the work, see the ATT-Meta project (ongoing) and Gen-Meta project (ended).

      The work on metaphor started (long ago now) with a concentration on metaphor for describing MENTAL STATES(/PROCESSES),
      but then became general-purpose.

      The work on metonymy, irony and hyperbole is relatively recent.

  2. The nature of (SELF-)CONSCIOUSNESS, whether natural (human, animal, ...) or artefactual.
    This work started relatively recently.
    Even more recently it has led to thoughts on the nature of TIME.

I have done work on CONNECTIONISM, but stopped pursuing this years ago.

Selected Publications & Presentations

Metaphor-of-Mind Databank

I have been building a databank of examples of metaphors of mind in real text and speech.
This databank is a product of the ATT-Meta project.

Opportunities for Projects: PhD and MSc

I may be able to help to supervise you,
BUT ONLY IF they closely match my particular interests in Artificial Intelligence / Cognitive Science.

Degrees and Positions

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