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Obstinately, (* THE WORDS FLICKERED OUT OF HIS MIND AS OUT OF A FOG. "Why didn't the doctor notice it?" *..) [NP] Towards the end of the service (..* the words stopped flickering and burned steadily.*)
[[Text: source, p.42]]

(* A SNEAKING, MALICIOUS VOICE IN HER SUBCONSCIOUS WHISPERED THAT *) her interest was simply due to his appearance, ...
[[Text: source, p.37]]

Each time, (* HER FATALISTIC SIDE TOLD HER *) she had no control over her future.
[[Text: source, p.148]]

How dreadful thoughts could be, Lucy (* SAID TO HERSELF,*) overcome that such a one at such a moment should (* thrust itself into her mind.*)
[[Text: source, p.42]]
{There is a mental metaphor embedded within the internal utterance.}

(..* Her thoughts slunk away; but not before one of them had sent (* A CURDLING WHISPER THROUGH HER MIND, `_The tea would taste of blood._'*)
[[Text: source, p.101]]

[[Text: source, p.105]]
{Possibly mixed with a view of the words as physical objects.}

(* At the back of her mind,*..) quite uncontrollable, quite unauthorised, (..* ran beneath these other thoughts THIS THOUGHT: `I am certainly abject.' *)
[[Text: source, p.118]]

... (* like a flame the thought was leaping in her brain, `Now what shall I do if when I look into this [a mirror] I don't see myself but Vera? It's _accustomed_ to Vera ... [dots in original]' *)
[[Text: source, p.139]]
{Mixed with MIND AS PHYSICAL SPACE. NB also the embedding of a metaphor within the thought - the view of the mirror as a person.}

[Lucy is climbing the stairs, with effort.] (* For years and years, PANTED Lucy -- HER VERY THOUGHTS CAME IN GASPS -- Vera lived up here winter after winter ... ... If _only, only_ Vera weren't dead! But her mind lived on -- her mind was in that room, in every littlest thing in it -- *)
[[Text: source, p.147]]
{Unusual use of a physically-mannered speech verb ("panted") in a thought report. She is thinking while literally panting and gasping (this is confirmed by the context -- see the text). At the same time her thoughts are presumably effortful and (therefore?) effortful. So the panting and gasping may be both literal and metaphorical (so: a "twice-meaningful" metaphor). arguably, it's not just that she was thinking in the time-slices between the pants/gasps. NB also the embedding of a metaphor within the thought - the view of Vera's mind as animate.}

(* Why should a thing like that (* [A RHYMING COUPLET] rise now to the surface of her mind and float round on it, while all the noble verse she had read and enjoyed, ... , was nowhere to be found, not a shred of it, in any corner of her brain? [NP] What a brain, THOUGHT Miss Entwhistle, disgusted, ..., her eyes shut; what a contemptible, anaemic brain, deserting her like this, only able to throw up to the surface when stirred, out of all the store of splendid stuff put so assiduously into it during years and years of life, COUPLETS.*) *) ... (* A last couplet floated through her brain *) -- her brain seemed to clutch at it[.] (* Now where did that come from? she ASKED HERSELF distractedly,*)
[[Text: source, p.228]]
{NB nesting of IDEAS AS INTERNAL UTTERANCES and other metaphorical elements within cases of IDEAS AS INTERNAL UTTERANCES. E.g., ``Why should ... corner of her brain'' is a reported thought of Miss E, but this thought itself casts the idea of the rhyming couplet rising to the surface of her mind etc.}

and suddenly a thought so horrible leapt afresh to her mind that (* SHE BLURTED, ALOUD: "Is he sick?"*)
[[Text: source, p.549]]
{NB This is NOT METAPHORICAL in its use of blurting, but the inclusion of "aloud" suggests that without that the blurting *could* easily be taken to be internal and purely mental.}

(* HIS HEART WAS ARGUING THAT *) she'd had very good reasons for betraying every tenet of their profession ...
[[Text: source, p.532]]

Davies, 43, said: "When Alison texted me telling me we were sisters (* a tiny part of me thought *) she was joking but (* a bigger part of me THOUGHT: `Oh my God.'*) [NP] After the initial shock I spoke to Alison and she explained everything and (* I THOUGHT: `Wow.'*)"
[[Text: source]]

"If you thought of this as (* the cabin on a boat,*) (* YOU'D SAY, 'It's pretty spacious,'*) " Scott said.
[[Text: source]]
{Not entirely clear whether the YOU'D SAY is literal or metaphorical.}
{Note also the cabin metaphor within the thought.}

Some people go to bed at night (* THINKING: `That was a good day.' *..) I am one of those who (..* WORRIES and ASKS: `How did I screw up today?'*)
[[Text: source]]

Above all, he would not be far away and parted from Her. (* Something stronger than an iron chain bound him to Paris:*) (* AN INNER VOICE CRIED OUT TO HIM *) to stay.
[[Text: source p.70]]

I tried to sleep but information drifted past my eyes and (* QUESTIONS SPOKE *) because I could not shut them off.
[[Text: source p.138]] {NB: "shut them off": LANGUAGE AS STREAM?}

Again techniques abound to cultivate this "inner climate": "We are not in a hurry. ... (* WE ASK GENTLE QUESTIONS AS A WAY OF INVITING *) the feeling to tell us more" ... The comportment of affect tolerance is also referred to as "receiving" ..., or "(* a welcoming presence*)": "... A (* welcoming presence *) gives [each feeling] the space to be and breathe, evolve and transform" ... Thus the therapist's response ... to the client who complained of "Still all I feel is tense" ... was "OK, so let's (* WELCOME *) that" ... [EP]
[[Text: source]]

(* Attics. Always the places where the secrets are kept, like the dark bits of the mind. Except the contents of this particular attic would surprise no one, SHE THOUGHT SCORNFULLY.*)
[[Text: source p.116]]
{NB: mental metaphor embedded in the thought}

[[Speech: source; <jab 4>]]

The doctor was surprised. 'What do I want to talk to her about?' (* HE ASKED HIMSELF. *)
[[Text: source p.278]]

(* ... A SIDE I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW I HAD REARED ITS CURIOUS HEAD AND WITH A SHAKE OF IT SAID,*) how sickeningly ostentatious and wasteful. But then both these (* DISPUTING DEMISPHERES *) fell promptly asleep as soon as I settled my occasionally fondled but assuredly never abused butt into my seat.
[[Text: source p.299]]

For a moment Rebecca and Bracken stared across the burrow at each other and the light that seemed to have gone from them shone again, and time was not important.(* 'Why it's there and always will be', THOUGHT REBECCA, KNOWING IT WAS TRUE.*)
[[Text: source p.353]]

(* I have to pay attention, SHE WARNED HERSELF. Don't look at Philippe. Don't look at the back rows [of the courtroom] and the eyes that hate me.*)
[[Text: source p.288]]

The soundtrack of the past five months had been a virtual chant of `yes' and `trust me, Sara'---the latter spoken so many times by Anthony that (* IT SETTLED INTO SARA'S BRAIN *) and started to sound like her own voice.
[[Text: source p.278]]

Sara was too stunned to speak. (* THE QUESTION TAKING SHAPE IN HER MIND WAS `Do you know who raped you?' *)
[[Text: source p.168]]

(* If only it were that simple, SARA THOUGHT. If only (* her system could rid itself of the whole experience by just throwing up.*)*)
[[Text: source p.166]]
{nesting of another metaphor of mind within the internal speech}

Sara (* followed the leap her mother's thoughts had made: an accident, another of my children hurt or in trouble.*)
[[Text: source p.163]]
{possible implicit use of the metaphor}

(* I'll call her, SHE DECIDED, even if I wake her up. This is important. I have to tell her everything---about Anthony, about the girl in the bar. Everything.*)
[[Text: source p.161]]

... and then she threw [the letter] in the fireplace. As she struck a match, (* SHE THOUGHT, This isn't the first time I've (* set this wish on fire and watched it burn *) ...*)
[[Text: source p.147]]
{Nesting of another metaphor of mind within the internal speech.}

She hoped he wasn't going to quiz her, and (* searched her mind *) for whatever Cliffs Notes might be (* JOTTED THERE *)---just in case.
[[Text: source p.142]]

Dance music was playing---(* Paula Abdul, SARA THOUGHT,*) although she wasn't sure---...
[[Text: source p.129]]

(* Don't ask why, SARA TOLD HERSELF---the answer might scare you.*)
[[Text: source p.129]]

(* We're friends, SARA TOLD HERSELF---we can still touch each other like friends, even though last night we touched like lovers.*)
[[Text: source p.128]]

(* At what point does another person slip into the cracks of your psyche? BELINDA WONDERED. Is there a precise moment? How can someone set up residence in the tunnels of your soul, in those private spaces you've spent years locking everyone out of? Can it happen at the first meeting? Or only after they've sized you up, mapped out the entry points? Or only after you've handed them the keys?*)

These (* thoughts occurred *) to Belinda ...
[[Text: source p.117]]

(* Sometimes solitude feels like a dungeon, SHE THOUGHT.*..)
[[Text: source p.111]]
{NESTING: The subsequent text continues her internal monologue and contains metaphors of mind.}

(* It's a city that has a way of welcoming home its natives, SARA THOUGHT *..) as she drove to the hospital, glad that she was home, far from Paris and Anthony, (..* TELLING HERSELF OVER AND OVER---LIKE A MANTRA---THAT *) Mark was going to be all right.
[[Text: source p.86]]

(* I have to call Anthony, SHE REMINDED HERSELF.*)
[[Text: source p.86]]

She (* knew she had just realized *) something important. (*`I'm turning into him [Anthony],' SHE THOUGHT.*) She (* remembered *) the day before ... She (* imagined *) the girl naked, her legs spread wide, but it wasn't her own (* imagination *)---it was Anthony's ...
[[Text: source p.72]]

Sara watched her cross the restaurant and (* THOUGHT, `I should dislike this woman. I should be jealous of her.'*)
[[Text: source p.55-6]]

... so that within a matter of minutes she'd be (* SAYING, `What color were his eyes?' or `What was that way he had of smiling that looked so sweet?'*)
[[Text: source p.48]]

The War was all wrong to begin with.

(*`Those Germans,' THOUGHT ALBERT *) gloomily and almost without rancour.
[[Text: source p.156]]

(*`Seems rather as though I'm for it,' THOUGHT TOMMY.*)
[[Text: source p.151]]

(* SHE THOUGHT TO HERSELF with rising vexation:

`What's the old darling up to? ... '*)
[[Text: source p.142]]

(* Sometimes, Tuppence THOUGHT TO HERSELF, it would save time if Miss Minton just put her hand down on the table to show them all. She was quite incapable of not telling exactly what was in it.*)
[[Text: source p.131]]


`Surely he can't be taken in? He can't imagine I'd fall for this stuff?'*)
[[Text: source p.128]]

(*`More than a match for me,' TOMMY THOUGHT. `And there's that confounded servant, too.'*)
[[Text: source p.127]]

....[some paragraphs of Tommy's thoughts in third-person implicit IDEAS AS INTERNAL UTTERANCES]...

(* All this passed through Tommy's mind in a few seconds.*)
[[Text: source p.126-7]]

And with a click, several things fell into place in Tommy's brain.

(* Had he been blind up to now? .....*)
[[Text: source p.126]]
{NB: mixing with MIND AS PHYSICAL SPACE, and with nested COGNIZING AS SEEING}


`Bletchley. I suppose he's all right. Why shouldn't he be? ... Yes, but he could have been pretty sure that the child's mother wouldn't stand for the idea. The threatening note made sure of that. He could afford to urge the opposite point of view---'
[[Text: source p.112-3]]

Her next step, (* TUPPENCE THOUGHT,*) could be managed easily enough. That is to say with the connivance of Tommy. She saw exactly how to do it---
[[Text: source p.74]]

`Nerves,' (* SAID TUPPENCE TO HERSELF.*) `Just nerves!'

But had it been nerves? .....

It must have been, (* TUPPENCE THOUGHT,*) a very short conversation. The merest brief exchange of words. ...

The quiet house---the feeling that there was something sinister---something evil ...[dots in text]

`Stick to facts, Mrs. Blenkensop,' (* SAID TUPPENCE STERNLY.*) `And get on with your job.'
[[Text: source p.60-61]]
{NOTE: Mrs. Blenkensop is an alias Tuppence has adopted, so the last sentence manifests second-person internal-speech directed at self.}

A faint memory flickered through Tuppence's mind. (* A shop filled with glass, through which it was difficult to move, a rich persuasive voice, a compelling massive woman. Yes, surely, she had been into that shop.*)
[[Text: source p.47]]
{NB: mixing with vivid IDEAS AS PHYSICAL OBJECTS}

(*`What a pestilential woman I sound,' THOUGHT Tuppence TO HERSELF.*)
[[Text: source p.46]]

But those are just the physical tricks. The stuff that really (* SPOKE TO ME *) was about how you can sexually recharge the body by (* recharging the mind and spirit.*) (* In the back of my mind, A QUESTION STILL BURNED: How come it's so easy for men to stay aroused?*)
[[Text: source p.79]]
{NB: mixing w. metaphor of question as burning object}

Imagining what my butt would look like in lacy dental floss, my stomach did a flip. (* Be honest about your limitations, I TOLD MYSELF,*) as I spotted the most beautiful satin tap pants ...
[[Text: source p.78]]

`... So you've got to (* look around *) and (* ASK, How sexy is the environment? And how much pressure is there to have sex?*) When the cues are (* seen as *) pressure, sex is no longer fun. ... ' [quoted from a book]
[[Text: source p.78]]
{NB: collocation with COGNIZING AS SEEING}

After Patrick fell asleep last night, I lay in bed with my heart pounding. (* I MADE A LIST *) of all the things Patrick and I do together that excite me --- ... But (* I HAD TO ASK MYSELF, why, if everything seemed so right, was my sex drive in neutral?*)
[[Text: source p.78]]

(* `Can these pups really live to be adult?' THEY THINK,*) ...
[[Text: source]]

(* 'Truly the Stone was wise to have bound me to Bracken', THOUGHT BOSWELL,*) following with something near a rueful grin.
[[Text: source p.619]]

(* I'M THINKING TO MYSELF `I hope this noise doesn't distract the people around me.'*)
[[Text: source]]

It is still not possible to (* SAY *) with finality exactly what went wrong, but it cannot be (* DISPUTED *) that ...
[[Text: source]]
{follow source link for justification of inclusion under IDEAS AS INTERNAL UTTERANCES}

... the agencies apparently ignored or minimized the factors that might have (* TOLD *) them their approach was unlikely to work.
[[Text: source]]

When couples move in together, she says, the housekeeping chores often revert to women. ``(* THEY THINK, `Why should I do that? If I'm going to give up my freedom for a man, I want to be married.'*) '
[[Text: source]]
{NB: ``want'' nested within the internal utterance, itself nested within speech report}

Now she (* knows *) that what she (* wanted *) was `somebody who was really responsible, ... . (* IN THE BACK OF MY MIND, I THOUGHT, what if something happened to me? Would I want this person to be left with three kids?*)'
[[Text: source]]
{NB: ``want'' nested within the internal utterance, itself nested within speech report}

... (* the critical issue in their minds was *) ...
[[a: source]]

... (* THE QUESTION IN THEIR MINDS WAS, `What do we make of it?'*)
[[Speech: source]]

But the very absurdity of making such a journey, the inevitability of her dying on the way, was so great that for days (* SHE DARED NOT EVEN ADMIT the possibility of doing it TO HERSELF.*)
[[Text: source p.584]]

(* 'Stuff this', THOUGHT BRACKEN TO HIMSELF,*) ...
[[Text: source p.559]]

We eventually broke up for other reasons, but (* PART OF ME WAS THINKING, Do I really want to have a serious relationship with someone I have to hide part of my life from?*)'
[[Text: source]]
{serial mixing with MIND PARTS AS PERSONS}

Three moles lying around the chamber walls as if swept aside by a raging storm and in the centre an old mole crouched still and peaceful, aged paws stretched harmlessly before him, snout settling down comfortably on to them.

(* 'Impossible!' Mullion WAS THINKING.

'Oh no, it's not', THOUGHT Bracken. AND THEN, 'Oh no,you don't!' *) as Mullion started angrily towards the old mole.
[[Text: source p.412]]

He turned to the big mole at the side of the chamber, who raised his snout, shook it, and said 'My name is Stonecrop, also of the Pasture system.'

At this, both Bracken and Mullion started with surprise. (* 'Stonecrop!' THOUGHT Bracken. 'Stonecrop. Brother of Cairn. Known to Rebecca. So that was why ...'*)
[[Text: source p.412]]

(* 'Perhaps that's why he's managed to survive', THOUGHT Bracken,*) ...
[[Text: source p.361]]

(* There was so much they hadn't talked about, she and Bracken, SHE THOUGHT TO HERSELF.*)
[[Text: source p.315]]

Bracken, on one side of the main burrow, and Rebecca on the other, both with their snouts between their paws, (* fell into thinking the warm, random THOUGHTS of the contented tired. Mekkins laughing, spring, dangers past, Rose, Rune, Rue, echoing tunnels. Curlew's eyes, Comfrey, Cairn, Cairn, OH CAIRN, the Stone, what a time it'd been and how much had happened.*)
[[Text: source p.314]]
{NB: the ``oh Cairn'' indicates IDEAS AS INTERNAL UTTERANCES; the other thoughts don't do so particularly.}

(* 'Still, a mole mustn't go spoiling the present by fearing the future', HE THOUGHT TO HIMSELF,*) ...
[[Text: source p.314]]
{NB: ``a mole'' refers to the thinker himself.}

She stopped suddenly and turned again to Bracken and just looked at him. And he looked at her. (* 'Why, she understands!' HE WAS THINKING. 'He knows!' SHE SAID TO HERSELF.*)
[[Text: source p.313]]

(*'It's Longest Night!' THOUGHT Mekkins TO HIMSELF,*) filled suddenly with a sense of its joyous mystery ...
[[Text: source p.312]]

(* 'Things certainly work out in a strange way', HE THOUGHT TO HIMSELF *) as he departed, and that was something to take comfort from.
[[Text: source p.296]]

(* 'He's like a pup', SHE THOUGHT DELIGHTEDLY,*) because she had never mated before with a mole who was barely an adult.
[[Text: source p.264]]

The words that Hulver had taught him now came back and each one seemed to carry a meaning for him which he had not seen when he first recited them: `[verse omitted].' (* THEN HIS MIND FELL SILENT FOR A TIME *) ...
[[Text: source p.225-226]]

[[Text: source p.194]]

(* 'Elder meetings never start on time, anyway', HE THOUGHT TO HIMSELF, *) ...
[[Text: source p.76]]

[[Text: source p.70-71]]

Cobham was only a village, but it was still some task to check every inch of it, especially in the dark. (* HOPELESS, SAID A MOCKING VOICE INSIDE HER. SHE CHOKED THE VOICE,*) made herself walk on.
[[Text: source p.366]]
{mixing with MIND PARTS AS PERSONS?}

... [the place names] were obituaries or bad school reports, (* ETCHED DEEP INTO HIS SOUL.*)
[[Text: source p.18]]

Those thoughts, condensed into a moment of complex vision, flashed in Rose's mind like some terrifying aerial explosion. (* SHE SAID ALOUD, 'I don't really think this.'*)
[[Text: source]]
{NB: indirect implication of a thought}

(* HE THOUGHT, I am not myself, my soul is sick, I am under a curse.*)
[[Text: source p.484]]

(* SHE THOUGHT, he is sick, he is sick, he is poisoned by those thoughts, by those terrible thoughts.*)
[[Text: source p.483]]
{NB: nesting of a mental metaphor within.}

(* Perhaps I shall be like that one day, HE THOUGHT, perhaps sooner than I imagine, this must be my alter ego, something horrible and prophetic which had crawled out of my unconscious mind and is sitting beside me!*)
[[Text: source]]
{NB: nesting of a mental metaphor within.}

(* THE QUESTION 'Can I forgive her?' *) had made, for Duncan, the concept of forgiveness so murky and complex that he ceased employing it.
[[Text: source p.423]]

Jenkin was so used to being just the tiniest bit in love with Rose that it was scarcely to be called that any more, (* NOR DID HE USE SUCH TERMINOLOGY TO HIMSELF.*)
[[Text: source p.370]]

(* SHE THOUGHT, SHE EVEN SAID, and he did not contradict her, 'We'll go away now, shall we, we'll have a break, we'll go to Rome or Venice, we'll see some lovely places together ... *)
[[Text: source p.349]]

[[Text: source p.183]]

(* SOMETHING WAS NAGGING AT ME,*) ... It was Lena Irwin's reference yesterday to the Burton Kinsey family up in Lampoc.
[[Text: source]]

He thought, she will be driven to steal again, ... and she'll go to prison. (* THE SELFISH SELF-PRESERVING EGO INSIDE HIM SAID *) that might be the best possible thing that could happen to her.
[[Text: source]]

(* HE SPOKE HIS THOUGHTS ALOUD. `I don't think I could go home ...' *)
[[Text: source]]

(* You do believe she killed him, HIS INNER VOICE SAID.*)
[[Text: source]]

(* Stop it, stop, PHILIP SAID TO HIMSELF AS HE SAID UNAVAILINGLY each time *) his (* imagination turned in this direction.*)
[[Text: source]]
{mixed metaphor, with COGNIZING AS SEEING?}

(* PHILIP SAID TO HIMSELF, it's obviously not Arnham, you know it's not, ... The only thing to do now was to (* put it all out of your head *) *) ...
[[Text: source]]
{NB: nesting of metaphor within internal speech}

(* THE THOUGHT came unbidden and most unwelcome, she was all right without me, ... *)
[[Text: source]]
{mixed metaphor, w. MIND WITHIN PHYSICAL SPACE}

Still, he could write a love letter, he knew he could, (* PHRASES from the fullness of his heart and his longing WERE ALREADY COMING TO HIM,*) ...
[[Text: source]]
{mixed metaphor, with MIND WITHIN PHYSICAL SPACE?}

Philip, momentarily, had a strange (* FEELING *..) that came quite unbidden. (* IT WAS AS IF A VOICE WITHIN HIM ASKED HIM what he was doing seeking love ... in this awful place. For what woman ... would choose to live [here]? THIS UNWELCOME REFLECTION *) fled as fast as it had come [because ...].
[[Text: source]]
{mixed metaphor, with IDEAS AS ANIMATE}

(* THE QUESTION *..) he longed to ask, was dying to ask, was displaced by (..* ANOTHER *..), seemingly less significant. (..* `Was it RADA Senta was at?'*)
[[Text: source]]
{mixed metaphor, with IDEAS AS PHYSICAL OBJECTS}

He was even more delighted to hear her (* ECHO HIS OWN THOUGHTS *) ...
[[Text: source]]

(* [CHERYL'S] NAME and a kind of vague picture of her HAD BEEN IN HIS MIND,#*)
[[Text: source]]

(* `Hey! Claire, where are you going? ...,' REBECCA'S VOICE RESOUNDED IN THE BACK OF CLAIRE'S MIND.*) {C. was deep in a daydream.}
[[Text: source]]

(* Well, what did you expect, Debbie? I ASKED MYSELF SILENTLY.*)
[[Text: source]]

(* Are you jealous, Debbie? SAID A VOICE INSIDE MY HEAD.*)
[[Text: source]]

(* We're just like ants, I THOUGHT TO MYSELF.*)
[[Text: source]]

(* SUCH QUESTIONS FILTERED IN AND OUT OF HER MIND *) in moments of quiet reflection. They never, however, found public expression. (* TOM'S NAME WAS NOT MENTIONED: IT REMAINED BURIED DEEP IN HER SOUL.*) [NP] That is for five years.
[[Text: source]]
{NB: SERIAL MIXING with utterances-AS-physical-objs}

But no, her middle class (* UPBRINGING TOLD HER TO COMPOSE HERSELF. Be dignified, people were everywhere.*) ... She panicked as she caught sight of her reflection in a parked car window. Eyes sodden, cheeks red, a mass of tangled hair. (* `Pull yourself together,' SHE TOLD HERSELF.*..) [NP] She sashed into a nearby pub, past the smiling barman and into the dingy cloakroom with its cracked mirror. (..* `God, what a sight!'*..) She rubbed a tissue on the streaked mascara, wiped away the smudged make up, dragged a comb through her ragged hair. (..* `What shall I do?' SILENT VOICES CRIED WITHIN HER. `What shall I do?'*)
[[Text: source]]

Confused, wounded, hurt. What was she going to do? Prolong the silence, fall to the floor, beg for mercy? (* NO, DISTANT REMINDERS TO RETAIN HER DIGNITY FILTERED SLOWLY INTO HER MIND.*) (* PARENTS WARNINGS about his past behaviour BEGAN TO SOUND.*)
[[Text: source]]
{NB: SERIAL MIXING with utterances-AS-physical-objs}

... (* Why the sudden irrational change? Did he not love her? *..) ... She fumbled nervously; (..* if only she could (* find the key to open the door of his mind, unlock the logic,*) discover the real reasons for this sudden incomprehensible change. What was it really about? Stop panicking and think rationally.*)
[[Text: source]]

[START OF STORY] Sharon pulled herself out of her jeans, (* THE WORDS `How could he? How could he?' JUMPING ABOUT HER WEARIED BRAIN.*) Senseless, leaving her empty, cold, helpless. (* Another voice, angry and vindictive, shouted in her ear, `Serves you right, you silly fool: ... '[.]*)
[[Text: source]]

(* `I should never have got engaged,' I GROANED INWARDLY; ...
[[Text: source]]

Suddenly I was having second thoughts. About us, I mean. (* Did I really want to get married and spend the rest of my life with Mick? *..) [NP] (..* Of course you do ONE SMALL VOICE INSISTED.*..) [NP] (..* Are you quite sure about that? ANOTHER NUDGED.*) (* SO MUCH WAS GOING ON IN MY HEAD,*) I couldn't sleep. My eyes refused to stay closed and I tossed and I turned.
[[Text: source]]
{NB: NUDGED: the metaphor is chained with voice-effect-as-nudging? Or some metonymy? Or is there MPAP here?}

All these things flowed through U Po Kyin's mind swiftly and for the most part in pictures.
[[Text: source]]
{Follows a paragraph of represented thought.}
{N.B.: Cancellation of the verbal quality of the thought.}

(* A PART OF ME WARNED:*) people who live unlisted don't all of a sudden list.
[[Text: source]]

[[Text: source]]
{NB: mother not present, so the voice is purely mental.}

But my mother (* got it in her mind *) that we had to have a better dress. (* We'd show them.*)
[[Text: source]]

(* HALF OF ME WHISPERED THAT *) I'd drive all the way there.
[[Text: source]]

Perhaps (* SOMEWHERE IN THE BACK OF [his] BRAIN THERE RAN A MURMUR *) telling him that ...
[[Text: source]]

... Hilary Frome was ornamental rather than creditable, but (* THE TWO THINGS ELIDED IN [the headmaster's] MIND.*)
[[Text: source]]
{Put it here because elision is usually a matter of language}

Did part of you (* THINK, `Yes, ... I'm flattered ...'*)?
[[Speech: source]]

... [you {generic} are] (* WONDERING IN YOUR OWN HEAD *) whether ...
[[Speech: source]]
{the "in your own head" emphasizes lack of overt speech?}

I (* CONVINCED MYSELF IN MY OWN MIND *) that [I really worked for the Theatre Department and not the English Department because of an unpleasant situation in the latter].
[[Speech: source]]
{connotation that she didn't wholly believe that she really worked in Theatre? Or is the "in my own mind" serving just to emphasize no overt speech?}

(* She shouldn't be a Sandy, the name is so incongruous with her looks, I THOUGHT,*) noticing not for the first time her delicate, pale skin; ...
[[Text: source p.16]]

"Yes," I said, "[your hairstyle] gives you a really different look." (* Different from what you see in the mirror, I THOUGHT.*)
[[Text: source p.48]]

... I was picturing Jacqui admiring the finished [lemon mirror cake], admiring herself in its shiny glaze, when I was struck by an odd (* THOUGHT *..) seemingly from nowhere: (..* What would Jacqui see? *) [in the refelection in the cake]
[[Text: source p.47]]

Perhaps he had been chosen as a champion ... to cross swords with the enemy of all creation. `After all,' (* HE SAID TO HIMSELF,*) `I am more than a devil; I am a man. ... I can die,' and as (* THE WORD WENT THROUGH HIS HEAD,*) ...
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In a time of dwindling resources, educators, politicians and parents of typical children may well (* ASK WHETHER *) the expense is worth it. [NP] I can ANSWER with an unqualified yes.
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Around Chrysler, the once (* UNTHINKABLE was spoken: was Iacocca still the best guy for Chrysler? *)
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"When free trade was announced last year, everyone here immediately (* THOUGHT, 'Wow, I'm going to have access to the world's largest market',*)" says Hector Moreira, ...
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(* THE QUESTION ON THE MINDS *) of many veep watchers, naturally enough, is how much of his performance in office has been Quayle's own doing and how much has been the staff's.
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Or at least that is what (* HIS BEST INFORMATION --- AND HIS INSTINCTS --- TELL HIM.*)
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"To see women performing well, with no drama or fanfare, seems to me to be more striking than anything else women have done lately. And because of television, it is (* WRITTEN IN THE PUBLIC CONSCIOUSNESS *) now." [says someone]
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Saddam might have a 700,000-man Army, but when Schwarzkopf looked at what it could do, (* HE THOUGHT, "This was a lousy outfit. Lousy." *)
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Then there was Saddam's forlorn attack on Khafji, when he began (* TO THINK, "We are going to kick this guy's tail."*)
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Part of the problem was tactical, part political. (* AT THE BACK OF HIS MIND HE WONDERED, "How long would the world stand by and watch the United States pound the living hell out of Iraq without saying, 'Wait a minute--enough is enough'." *)
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The day the air war began and Saddam lost control of the skies, he (* THOUGHT WITH RELIEF, "We've got them." *) The (* conviction *) sprang from Schwarzkopf's certainty that Saddam could no longer escape, not from his love for rival services.
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What bothered him was that he didn't want to live the rest of his life with the (* THOUGHT, "There's Norm Schwarzkopf, the Butcher of Baghdad,"*) ...
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One caregiver (* ECHOED WHAT OTHERS FEEL *) --- "I'm a working mother too, and i have to get home to my family! ..."
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When fixed on a goal or faced with frustration, (* THE INNER VOICE OF THE CONFIDENT CHILD SAYS, "I can do it."*...) Without this (...* VOICE *) children give up easily and set their sights low.
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Performer said: "My (* INTUITION TOLD ME *) this would a be a good piece to play."
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Finally, and perhaps most important, if you suddenly find yourself isolated from all the people you've been closest to, you might want to (* ASK YOURSELF *) why.
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What (* NAGGED AT HER *) was his use of cocaine, ...
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"(* I KEPT THINKING, Maybe this drug or that shrink will cure him *)," says Pam.
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... says Anne. "Instead, (* I JUST KEPT SAYING, `This is the thin part of the through-thick-and-thin section of our wedding vows.'*)"
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``She doesn't usually splurge on wildly expensive items but instead will drop a hundred dollars at a five-and-dime or pick up a few pairs of sixty-dollar aerobic shoes when she needs a release. (* If you want it, just get it, SHE FIGURES, then worry how to pay for it later on.*)
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He said all the right things: that he wasn't happy with his marriage, that he loved Natasha and would leave his wife for her. Though she knew the odds of that happening were marginal, Natasha believed him. (* "I'm different," SHE TOLD HERSELF.*)
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If we could (* read Howard's mind *), he was probably (* THINKING, "I'll buy these golf clubs so Helene and I can spend more time together."*) But Helene's (* RESPONSE WAS, "That present is for him --- not me."*)
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(If Jim had followed that guideline, he would have (* ASKED HIMSELF, "I wonder if Maryanne would like an exercise bike?"*) )
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