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Ideas/Emotions as Physical Objects

Under this metaphor, ideas, thoughts, hopes, desires, images, emotions, feelings, etc., or events of thinking, imagining, hoping, desiring, feeling, etc., are viewed as physical objects. (Exception: when it is the space within the object that is in focus, then the utterance is categorized under Ideas as Physical Spaces.)

The physical objects may be, but need not be, viewed as being within the agent's mind, when this is metaphorically viewed as a physical space.

Equally, they may be, but need not be, viewed as being in the real space surrounding the agent.

The physical objects can be of any sort, small, large, rigid, non-rigid, liquid, animate, inanimate, etc. In particular, a mass of ideas is sometimes viewed as a unit, and in that case it may be viewed as a body of fluid (cf. ``flow of ideas'').


Mind as Physical Space

Ideas as External Entities


Ideas as Possessions

Ideas as Sharable Commodities

Ideas as Animate Beings

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