Joshua Knowles's "Year in Computer Science" Admissions Tutor's Page

JK, January 2017, on appointment to this role:

Many thanks to Jim Yandle for years of successfully building and running what we call the "Year in Computer Science" (YCS) programme. This used to be called the "Intercalated Year" (ICY) and this means the exact same thing. Proliferation of names is the devil, isn't it, and we should try to stick to YCS from here on in?

My role, as I understand it, is to advertise the programme to all students eligible in the University - which is all UG second years (about to go into third year), except for medics and lawyers (... because of course they should know nothing about computers). It is to get other Schools to cooperate in administering the YCS programme from their end, help students fill in the application forms, administer the admission process, and then give an introductory lecture about the programme. Personal tutors for the students will be distributed amongst the staff, but students can contact me with any outstanding issues. I will be ably assisted in these duties by Caroline Wilson and Helen Whitby, hopefully a great deal! (I shall be buying them Xmas flowers in December and occasional choccy).

More info on the programme.