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Roles at the University of Birmingham

  • TA and Demonstrator Coordinator, January 2017-9
  • "Year in Computer Science" Admissions Tutor, January 2017-9
  • Visitor for Students out on Industrial Placements (2016-17)
  • Member of the Research Students Monitoring Group (RSMG), 2015-9
  • Director of Postgraduate Student Development, 2015-16
  • See Teaching for my roles in teaching (no longer active).

External Roles

  • Co-organizer, Dagstuhl Seminar on "Personalized Multiobjective Optimization: An Analytics Perspective" (with Kathrin Klamroth, Margaret Wiecek, and Guenter Rudolph), Leibniz-Zentrum für Informatik, January 2018
  • Tutorials Chair, IEEE CIBCB (Computational Biology Conference), Manchester, UK, August 2017
  • Co-organizer and co-chair, "Sequential Experimentation by Evolutionary Algorithms" Workshop, GECCO-17, Berlin, July 2017
  • Associate Editor, IEEE Trans. Evolutionary Computation journal, 2016-
  • European Commission: H2020 Expert Evaluator for Call 2015 FET OPEN
  • External Examiner for University of Southampton's MSc on Computer Science and MSc on Artificial Intelligence, 2014-16
  • Editorial Board Member, Evolutionary Computation Journal
  • Member, EPSRC Peer Review College
  • Editorial Board Member, Swarm Intelligence Journal
  • Member, Steering Committee of Evolutionary Multi-Criterion Optimization (EMO) Conference Series
  • Co-Organizer, 2015 IEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence in Multicriteria Decision-Making (IEEE MCDM'2015), December 2015, Cape Town
  • Co-Chair, "Non-Standard Problems" session at EURO 27 Conference, July 2015, Glasgow
  • Co-Chair, "Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization Session", 23rd Intl. Conf. on Multiple Criteria Decision Making, August 2-7, 2015 in Hamburg, Germany
  • Co-organizer, Dagstuhl Seminar on "Understanding Complexity in Multiobjective Optimization", January 2015
  • Co-Chair, EMO Track, GECCO International Conference, 2014, Vancouver, Canada
  • Plenary Speaker, Lorentz center: SIMCO Workshop, Sep 2013, Leiden, the Netherlands
  • Co-organizer, Dagstuhl Seminar on "Learning in Multiobjective Optimization", January 2012 (with Salvatore Greco, Kaisa Miettinen and Eckart Zitzler)
  • Co-organizer, GECCO 2010 Tutorial on "Experimental Optimization by Evolutionary Algorithms" (with Ofer Shir and Thomas Baeck)
  • Member, Technical Committee on Soft Computing, IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics
  • Co-organizer, GECCO 2007 workshop on "The Evolution of Natural and Artificial Systems - Metaphors and Analogies in Single and Multi-Objective Problems" (with Ami Moshaiov and Steven Hecht Orzack)
  • Co-organizer, PPSN 2006 workshop on "Multiobjective Problem Solving from Nature" (with David Corne)
  • Technical and Program Chair, 10th Online World Conference on Soft Computing (WSC10)
  • Member, Program Committee of following International Conferences: EMO; PPSN; GECCO; CEC; EvoCOP; Hybrid Metaheuristics; ANTS
  • Referee: Evolutionary Computation Journal; IEEE Trans. Evol. Comp.; European Journal of Operational Research.

Previous roles at the School of Computer Science, U. Manchester

Joshua D. Knowles
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