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New Paper! Read our new paper on robot task planning in AI Journal.
New Paper! Read our new paper on dexterous grasp learning in IJRR.
New Paper! Read our new paper on robot task planning with non-monotonic logic and POMDPs in IEEE TRO.
Public Lecture: Watch a public lecture I gave, called "Robot Life: A User's Manual".

I am Professor of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence at the University of Birmingham, where I am a member of the School of Computer Science.


We create algorithms that enable robots to work in uncertain and unfamiliar worlds. I work on autonomous robot planning, architectures for robot intelligence, robots that learn, robot manipulation, machine vision and general machine learning. One goal of my work is to endow a robot with explicit representations of what it does and doesn't know, and of how its knowledge changes under the actions it can perform. This ability allows robots to plan in challenging worlds where they know little.

I am a member of the Intelligent Robotics Laboratory, and of CN-CR, a centre for neuroscience and robotics. I'm currently the Project Coordinator for the FP7 funded project PacMan on robot manipulation. I also coordinated the CogX project on robots that plan and learn in the face of knowledge gaps. I work in the project Strands on long term autonomy and spatial temporal mapping, and I was part of the projects GeRT on robot manipulation, and CoSy on Cognitive Robotics.


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For video updates on our work see my personal YouTube Channel, and the PacMan channel.


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Phone: +44 (0)121 414 4788
PA: +44 (0)121 415 8722 (Claire Lindow, Lab Administrator)
Email for Claire: irlabpa @ cs.bham.ac.uk)
Teaching email: jlw @ cs.bham.ac.uk
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