From Animals to Robots and Back:
reflections on hard problems in the study of cognition

A Symposium in Honour of Aaron Sloman

School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham
12-13 September 2011

Online Proceedings

Online proceedings of the Symposium are now available.


In this symposium held in Aaron's honour, we will look reflectively at topics in the study of cognition that have cover a (hopefully large) subset of Aaron's long term interests. These cover studies and thoughts about people, other animals, and robots. Both in terms of what problems they are, or could solve, what requirements there are to solve those problems, and how they might be solved in practice. The meeting will bring together a range of speakers who have worked with Aaron in the past, or are working with him now. Non-speakers are welcome to attend, and there will be a short poster session for those who wish on Monday.

We cannot pay for travel or accommodation, but we can recommend hotels at which to stay locally. We also have to charge a small fee to cover the costs of catering. Note that registration has now closed.

If you have any queries about the symposium in terms of practical arrangements please mail: Katie Helliwell, .


Monday 12 Sept

Tuesday 13 Sept


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Hard copies of the proceedings were distributed at the symposium, but in the interests of making the proceedings freely available they are now available on-line . Last updated by Jeremy Wyatt, 16 January 2012